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    We just might never get to that point where there is nothing else to use technology for. We might never run out of reasons to make advancements in science, engineering and technology. We have applied technology in almost every field of human endeavour and we have shown no signs of stopping. Thanks to the invention of mobile devices we can all form a global community and personalize our different worlds with shared knowledge. Hold on a second, you have probably heard of artificial intelligence and speech recognition. Now it gets even better. You can now ‘type’ texts, make documents, phone calls, enter data by just speaking. How does this work? Speech recognition systems like speech-to-text and text-to-speech enable you to use a feature that has now been incorporated into mobile phones and computers. Other needs for speech recognition exist. So if you are in search of software that enables you to use your speech for simple computer operation, you might consider visiting Nuance. Continue reading to learn more about Nuance.

    About Nuance
    Nuance is an online software company based in the US. This company has concerned itself with unravelling tech solutions for text and document creation challenges. Claiming to be the “world’s leading speech recognition solution with over 2 decades of continuous development to meet users’ needs, Nuance delivers solutions that understand, analyse and respond to human language to increase productivity and amplify human intelligence”. Customers can reach Nuance via the phone number or email on their website.

    Products and services of Nuance
    Nuance basically specializes in voice recognition, voice biometrics, document imaging, software, home automation, artificial intelligence, language, text-to-speech, chatbots, dictation, clinical documentation, virtual assistants and more. At Nuance online software shop, customers can purchase products such as Nuance Dragon Professional Individual, Nuance Dragon Home, nuance Dragon Professional Group and Nuance Dragon Professional Anywhere for Windows as well as Nuance Dragon Anywhere (Dictation app) for mobiles. These products feature up to “99% speech recognition accuracy, built on the deep learning search engine that adjusts to your voice, are optimized for touchscreen devices and can combine with the Nuance Powermic for easy use”. With these products, you can now create and edit documents by speaking, create emails using simple voice commands, listen back to the dictated text and more. Dragon accessories include the Nuance Powermic III, Bluetooth headset and USB headset. Nuance also offers customer support services and guides on the use of the accessories on offer.

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