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    Unfortunately, jobs are not always enjoyable. And even when you have a very rewarding job that you love, every employee could do with some little motivation. But how can you as an employer get that done? One of the companies that offers rewards and other motivational features is Perkbox. But what kind of company is this? What kind of things do they offer? How will it work? What can you expect from their motivational rewards? How easy will it be to subscribe to Perkbox? And what do they offer in terms of customer services? Will they be friendly and helpful, even when you have some complaint or problem? These are all things that real customers of Perkbox can tell you about. Read the reviews that they left here on BritainReviews to find out for yourself what you can expect from this company and their way of motivating your employees.

    About Perkbox

    Perkbox is a company that offers motivational features for employees.They want your employees to be motivated and surprises by the extra perks they are offered. One of the perks that Perkbox offers is that your employees instantly become VIP members of lots of big brands like Amazon, Sainsbury, HP, Tesco, Starbucks and Odeon. They believe that physical health is just as important as mental health. Therefore the offer discounts to hundreds of UK gyms, health plans, dental plants etc. They also have a service called Salary Sacrifice, which can help you save money at taxes and national insurance contributions. For some extra motivations, they offer various rewards and recognitions. They provide, for instance, badges for every occasion. These badges can also be customised. But they also offer various gift vouchers. In their wellness section, you can find things like free online exercise classes, direct streaming to a laptop, TV or tablet, and some healthy alternatives for takeaway food. And they offer some prices that you can offer to your team of staff.

    Perkbox explaining how they can help you motivate your team.

    Services of Perkbox

    As mentioned above, Perkbox provide various perks, rewards and motivational features for employers and employees. You can also expect them to come up with some regular gifts for your entire company and team because they want you and your staff to be able to expect the unexpected. You can get in touch with the customer service of Perkbox via email or telephone.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Perkbox

    Does your company already make use of Perkbox? Then we would like to know what you and your company think about this motivational company for employers and employees. What do you think of their perk boxes? Do their discounts and vouchers really save you a lot of money? What do the employees think of their occasional gifts? Do their rewards really help you to motivate your employees? And what kind of customer service have you received from Perkbox when you needed them to solve a problem or complaint? Please leave a review and provide others with some insight in how Perkbox really works.

    What do employers and employees think of Perkbox? Read customer reviews about this company with motivational rewards, discounts, vouchters & benefits.

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    Its highly beneficial for employees

    The last thing any businessman or entreprenuer want is their employees to be not on the same page he or she is.
    I have suffered that. Employees need to know what and how they suppose to do things. Any company is required to uplift them pscyhologically and on talent basis as well.
    Perkbox, I cam to know a bit long ago. With employees training program or sessions, perkbox is the next best to have.
    The motivational features for your employees such as discounts of UK Gyms, Salary sacrifice, dental plans, health checkups, insurance and what not.

    By: Ricky Balboa21-04-2019
    Would buy here again

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