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    Multiple companies and businesses are offering nowadays separate services regarding the fields of banking, real estate, international business and business processes. Each of those companies might actually specialize in specific areas providing top quality services. But anyone who has ever done business on a global level will definitely know that most of the times things and processes are complicated, complex and interrelated.

    Markets are no longer local but global, transportation is easier but avoidable since new and emerging technologies tend to simplify procedures and more and more people speaking a multitude of languages desire that business is handled in their native language. So, a company specializing in only one business area might not fit entirely your needs. This is not the case, though, with PrepayWay. This company based in Switzerland integrates and merges perfectly a wide gamut of services. From IT, finance, real estate to law services, the company innovatively and uniquely facilitates entrepreneurs and businessmen alike in a way no other company has managed to. With personnel and experts in various countries, they revolutionize and make easier all processes related to renting, leasing, buying and selling of real estate property. Templates regarding such processes are created, translated and uploaded online, templates that are in perfect harmony with the laws and regulations of each country and its respective language. Something that is reflected greatly on customer and client reviews, reviews that you will find and read here on BritainReviews. Clients express their satisfaction, opinion and experiences with dealing with PrepayWay. You will be informed on how due processes in PrepayWay are carried out before you start working with them.

    About PrePayWay

    PrepayWay is a company that offers a complete and integrated system that facilitates the collaboration between buyers and owners of real estate property, both in domestic as well as in international markets. They offer a variety of services and solutions such as contracting and escrow, smart dispute resolution, cross-border financing and international transactions.

    The security of deposit payments, also known as earnest money is fully secured by PrePayWay minimizing the risk and anxiety experienced by clients and buyers when wishing to acquire property in other countries. Additionally, all transactions that are facilitated through PrePayWay are encrypted using blockchain technology and interested parties get to sign smart contracts in their own respective languages.

    What is PrepayWay?

    Services of PrepayWay

    The innovative service that PrePayWay provides is contracts that are harmonized from country to country according specific regulations and jurisdictions. Contract templates are readily available online and they can be customized for individual needs. Contracts are also translated in multiple languages to avoid misconceptions between different parties. Contracts and transactions are handled automatically upon meeting of terms. in case of terms not being met, the buyer is fully refunded regarding earnest money etc.

    Disputes regarding meeting or not meeting those terms are handled through PrePayWay’s platform through smart arbitration. Independent arbitrators are used, even for small amounts, to secure that all parties are rightfully represented. Transparency, efficacy and security are some of the prime innovations that PrePayWay offers to many customers worldwide.

    Tips and Tricks about PrePayWay

    As is evident from many reviews from PrePayWay customers that you can access and read in BritainReviews(making them so important when choosing such a service provider), this specific company especially handles issues and problems that have to do with dubious content, deposit fraud and other disputes between buyers and sellers. So, before selecting a company as your facilitator of such services, it is always advisable to browse through our reviews here to see what other people think.

    If, like most people, you like things simplified, straight forward and capable, then you should check out PrepayWay. Continue reading to learn more about this revolutionary fintech company and read customer reviews about the company.

    About PrepayWay
    The idea for PrepayWay started in Switzerland, where a group of professionals in computer science, banking, international business, and legal matters came up with the idea to revolutionise the way people conduct business. PrepayWay aims to facilitate swift, secure, and transparent transactions at a much-reduced cost. PrepayWay is an all in one solution to the problems of international operations. It handles contracting, payments, and dispute resolution.

    Contracting and Escrow for Real Estate
    For real estate transactions, PrepayWay escrow services mitigate the need for intermediaries and minimise fraud losses. The PrepayWay platform provides valid smart contract templates to clients to help draw up agreements. Prepayway also allows its users to deposit earnest money securely. Monies will be released to the seller once there is confirmation that the property is as advertised and contained in the contract. In instances where the property is not as described, the earnest money automatically returns to the buyer. In case of dispute, an independent mediator or arbitrator from the SmartArb Institute decides the case.

    This is a fair and efficient dispute resolution for smart contracts. Two major challenges with contracts lie in enforcement and jurisdiction. How will contract disputes spanning different international geographies be resolved? How will disputes among stakeholders be resolved? Prepayway aims to provide solutions to these problems using smart arbitration that could replace the traditional judicial dispute resolution systems, which are typically lengthy and often followed by delayed execution. SmartArb (International Smart Mediation and Arbitration Institute) is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) service for international business disputes.

    Cross-border Financing
    PrepayWay provides its users with a loan marketplace where investors and borrowers cooperate on terms favourable to both parties. PrepayWay aims to help buyers and businesses finance international transactions and, at the same time, offer attractive investment opportunities to lenders. The system supports borrowing that is based solely on collateral. It protects the lenders by performing identity, credit history, and collateral ownership checks. This approach ensures that creditworthy borrowers can receive unparalleled access to funding for their transactions and startups and that borrowed funds are put to good use.

    How to contact the PrepayWay
    For general enquiries, opinions, or complaints, you can call Prepayway on +372 5375 1047 or send an Email to

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