Why customer satisfaction is so important

Why customer satisfaction is so important


Customer satisfaction is becoming increasingly important when doing business. We, the consumers, are constantly being offered new opportunities, new brands to discover and new products to buy. But what makes us stay at our current brand? Customer loyalty is an amazingly strong mechanism to work with, as the cost of acquiring new customers exceeds far beyond the cost of keeping an existing one.

Despite this, many companies still seem to neglect the importance of having satisfied customers. There still is a tendency to focus on marketing, branding and selling products. Doing business in today’s world has changed however, and this article is here to tell you why you should prioritize delivering on your customer satisfaction

We live in a globalized world
Increased accessibility, especially in the western world, has made it possible for almost everyone to make a business. This means that the supply in many industries has increased, which in turn increases the competition on the market. When supply goes up, the customers raise their expectations as well. Customers will always look for the best product, according to what they value.

Some customers value prices, but most value customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is achieved both pre-purchase and post-purchase, by providing great shopping features, brand value and last but not least, customer support.

Deliver on your promises
First things first. Your marketing efforts need to match what you can deliver. Are you really producing the best quality t-shirts in the world? Or are you producing the best value t-shirts, compared to the prices that you can offer? If you raise the expectations of your customers too much, you are almost guaranteed to disappoint them. As such, make sure that you can deliver on the promises that you give your customers.

Your marketing efforts make the promises, and the rest of the customer journey is responsible for the delivery of your promises.

Online reviews
Another reason to satisfy your customers is the possibility of getting good reviews. In a globalized world, with a massive online shopping industry, the review is the online correspondent to the real life mouth-to-mouth recommendation. These customer reviews are trusted a lot by online shoppers, so giving your customers good service is great, as many online shoppers look at the reviews of retailers when considering where to buy their goods.

Customer service is important
When talking about customer satisfaction, the most important place to deliver is customer service. The service you can provide beyond offering a good product, good delivery and the like, is helping customers when they experience trouble. Granted, the best would be that your clients never had any problems with your product or delivery.

However, if you are able to help customers with their queries as fast as possible, then you can get the good recommendations, and create good customer relations. It may sound weird, and we are not recommending that you create problems for your customers so you can solve them. We are saying however, that if you are able to solve your customers’ problems as fast and as smoothly as possible, then you have lots to win.

Optimizing customer support
The next problem is the cost of providing good customer service. The more your business will expand, and the more customers you will get, the more you will need to spend on customer service. That often means introducing customer experience measurement to the department. For some, that means the introduction of bureaucracy. When you decide to hire managers to watch, observe and help other employees improve the service that they provide, you introduce a link of inefficiency to your business, that exposes your business to human errors.

For this reason, Nexcom has developed a technology that helps improve the efficiency of your customer service department. This program can gather data and provide analyzes with actionable reports that can be used by your customer service department to understand where and what to improve. This program can help improve the complete customer journey in your business, both pre- and post-purchase.

This program is much easier to implement than complicated job searches and long onboarding processes. So improving your customer service is a great investment, both on saving money and improving the service you can offer.

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