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There are many reasons why you might want a website or make some other use of web hosting. But where can you find the best web hosting services? One company that proclaims to be the best web hosting service is Smart Hosting. But are they, really, the best? Will they offer you a steady website that is available at all times? Or will your website be offline more than it is online? How easy will it be to create a website via their tools? And will the customer service of Smart Hosting help you when you require some help, or will you have to solve your own problems? The best people to inform you of all of the above are website designers that have made use of Smart Hosting before. Read their reviews to see if Smart Hosting offers what you are looking for. Their opinions, ratings, experiences and comments can help you to decide if Smart Hosting is the best option for your website.

About Smart Hosting

Smart Hosting is a company that offers web hosting services. They even dare to claim they are the best web hosting provider, which is why they used that phrase as their weblink. They offer three kinds of services. The first one is regular web hosting. This option provides you with free website builder, unlimited databases, unlimited SSD, free domain, free weekly/monthly backups, unlimited websites, unlimited bandwidth and free SSL certificates. So you can create your website without having to worry about how much web pages you are allowed to use. Their premium unlimited hosting adds a free domain name for life, free R1 Soft daily backups, SSH access and bigger LVE limits. Besides regular web hosting, Smart Hosting can also provide you with reseller hosting. This option provided you with API support, free SmapExpert anti-spam, free DDoS protection and more. With this service, you can host multiple websites under one and the same account. The third and last option Smart Hosting offers is VPS hosting. This is a cloud VPS service that is backed by UK VPS support services.

Services of Smart Hosting

It’s easy to choose a plan via their website. Just select the plan that you want and order it online. You can choose to pay monthly, yearly or biennially. Most of their services have a risk-free money-back guarantee, so you are not committed to anything before you are completely satisfied.

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Have you already created a website via Smart Hosting? Then you’ll be able to tell us more about this company. How easy was it to create a website via their webpage designer or website builder? Have you ever encountered technical problems with your website due to Smart Hosting? Is your website easily accessible if you create it via Smart Hosting? Are all the free and unlimited options really as free and unlimited as they promise on their website? And what kind of customer service does this web hosting provider offer? Please write a Smart Hosting review and tell us what your impression of Smart Hosting is.

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DO NOT TRUST these people to honour their packages!!!!!!!

DON'T trust these people to honour any agreements or specifications you sign up to!

I signed up to their 'premium unlimited' plan in January 2019 for £24.99 per month including WHMCS license.
Spent nearly two weeks getting it all set up and commenced with selling a UK hosting service and web design.
New customers gained and set up.
Now, Smart are changing the goalposts and restricting my BRAND NEW (2 months old) account from unlimited everything to 25GB disk space and just 25 cPanel accounts plus I have to pay extra for WHMCS.
OK, the new account, even with WHMCS as extra is still cheaper than it was (£21.98 per month) but I find it ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE that anyone can have this magnitude of change FORCED upon them in the first TWO MONTHS!

I SPECIFICALLY searched out a UK company to support when sourcing a reseller host, but now I think I really don't care WHERE I now put my future business.
I think I might even farm it out to ISIS... They might be more trustworthy!

I WILL be moving my account to somebody else. There is NO WAY I am sticking with ANYBODY who thinks this is an acceptable way to run a business!!!

Other reviews of a similar nature are more than enough to tell you what you're likely to get yourself into with these people, so you'd be better off saving yourself the hurt and look elsewhere now. These guys are NOT a good option.

All these recent 5 star ratings are probably fake because I can be sure NOBODY would be happy to be treated this way!

Move along...
Keep moving...
Nothing to see here...

By: John Galt03-03-2019
Would buy here again

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