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    Bad, really really bad!

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    Please Read this review before ordering from fonehouse.
    Here’s what happened in my case:
    - i pre-ordered a huawei mate 20 pro 5 or 6 weeks ago.
    - then, i had to call them many many times to get an update on my order. (They never phoned me once and gave me an update!)
    - i was always told, the phone was going to be in stock soon!
    - after 4 weeks of waiting, i had enough and i sent an Email to cancel my order
    - then, i had a missed call and an Email from “the call centre manager”.
    - he left a voicemail and apologised and he promised to do everything “in his power” to sort it out.
    - i thought to myself, wow, here’s the first person in fonehouse who seemed to care!
    - i Emailed him back first time and no reply!
    - then i emailed him for the second time and no reply!
    - then i emailed him for the third time and no reply!!!
    - wow, i couldn’t believe this utterly poor service is actually coming from “the call centre Manager” too
    - as a result of Everthing i decided to do business with another company and say “f*** you fonehouse”

    Fonehouse, please remember:
    -Treat customers same way you want to be treated
    -Deliver what you promised
    -Customers don’t need you, you need customers!

    If after reading this review, you still wanna place an order with fonehouse, then good luck to you!

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