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    Lycamobile is a thief

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    Hi. I have just bought a sim card Lycamobile with chosen bundle. And the problems just continue to come.
    First of all, almost all the time at my home I have 'No service' so I can not call and receive calls. Data is extremely poor, so I stopped even try to use it. After 1 month of struggling I have pop up my account. But! I could not call, had no data, nothing.. I wrote email: no answer. Finally I have called to the only given phone number, which is payable. I was waiting for the answer for 20 minutes, and finally I had somebody on the line. He explained me that when I have put money on my sim card, they started to charge me just per megabyte of data, which stood 'on' . SO for the next couple of hours my 10 £ was finished. The person explained me that to pop up is not enough. I should have known that every time you pop up, you have to receive a code to choose your tarif again and again. And if I have not received this code I should have call them and ask. As I had no idea about the system and the code was not sent to me, I have not activated my tarif and they just took all my money during next 2 or 3 night hours because my 3G stood on...

    Their APP is extremely not friendly , actually it does not work. And the person by telephone told me that it was the old app, why I use it?? But I have got the link from them by email just several days ago again!! So they promote the App (Lyca Selfcare) which is not in operation and let me feel stupid why I try to use it!!!

    SO I find that the company Lycamobile is a thief. You have a poor service and you risk to loose your money because you could not know their rules which are nowhere explained. Just avoid!

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