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    I spoke to Sakib on 12.05.18; by the way, again an illustration of very poor customer services: he was all the time saying something along the lines such 'what you could do if you are not going to be around on Monday, wait until Saturday for the delivery??? ...' or 'what you want me to say/do'...; I was calling for him to help me, not to give me answers like that; on the website, it says one day. Maybe it won't be one day but not 9 days!!!), I've been told by DPD that I have to wait until Monday for my delivery of my Galaxy Note 8. That they could not change the delivery from my home address to my work address because your company does not allow it (DPD told me to get in touch with you to see if you could change the address, but the company did not allow him!!!). You told me when I bought the phone, (and I still waiting for my money regarding the first phone that 'I bought', which you then told me that I'd be refunded because my application was declined: so you took the money, and then my application was declined? Wow! I think you should have waited first for my application to be accepted) that it'd be delivered by Friday (I spoke to someone), but then I called someone by Friday evening and that person said that it will be delivered over the weekend. She never said on Monday. The bottom line is that I don't know when I will have my phone delivered and that your Customer Services are blatantly poor and unprofessional. I wish I had bought it form

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