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    Poor Service and arrogant advisors

    David Smith21-01-2019
    Would buy here again: NO









    I took out a two year contract for phone and broadband paying line rental saver upfront. They only allow you to pay one year line saver upfront. They sent me a reminder TWO MONTHS prior to expiry. I expected this to be automatically renewed using DD. Conveniently they sent no further reminders (unlike most services I receive who have the courtesy to inform you a week prior to renewal) Consequently I ended up paying a couple of days late and Plusnet financially penalized me for doing so. The arrogant advisor informed me he was there as an enforcer of the rules they conveniently make up.

    I completed a new DD with another bank for the monthly bill. I was informed as usual by PlusNet that the monthly bill was ready and the amount would be taken out from the 21st onwards. Today I was informed that they had been unable to collect the £4.5 bill amount and requesting me to pay within 14 days. I paid within 10 minutes of receiving this email. I then received a total of FIVE reminders to pay within an hour (before and after they had acknowledged payment)

    Strange how they can conveniently send various email, text and webpage reminders the day the BB payment is due yet can only send one email TWO MONTHS prior to LRS being due for renewal. I suspect it's because many of the customers fall into the trap I did and consequently get penalised for it.

    Have now constantly read about PlusNet's extremely poor customer care, I can guarantee that they will lose at least 3 customers because of this poor service.

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