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    Video games brought about a change in the entertainment of children, young adults and even some adults. Records have it that video games emerged into the societal scene in the 1950s, when academic computer scientists started to design simple games and simulations as part of a research and subsequently, just for fun. Prior to that, favourite past times included running, riding horses, reading and other outdoor and indoor plays. However, video games did not become popular until the 1970s and 80s, when video arcade games and consoles were developed. The games that developed during this period used joysticks, buttons and supplementary controllers, alongside computer graphic. And that was the period when home computer games were introduced to the public. The commercialization of video games made it easy to keep the younger generation occupied within confined spaces, and seemed like a blessing in disguise for parents and guardians to supervise and know the locations of their ward per time. These spaces used to be gaming arenas and amusement arcades with coin-operated gaming machines because the machines were too expensive for the home. With the increased access to computers in the society, however, came advancements in the gaming industry driven by technological advancements. By 1981, when Japanese company Nintendo released the Game Boy, which was the first handheld game console, video games already had features such as 3-dimensional graphics, coloured display, and simple forms of textures mapping. As technology advanced further, phones became mobile and easily accessible for the asking. The birth of mobile phones as gaming platforms came with Nokia’s installation of a game, Snake onto its line of products in 1997. The game’s popularity drove other major brands to add ‘time killer games’ into their products. Early mobile phone games were monochrome, with limited play power, graphics and memory, and constituted a drain on the battery. With further developments and advancements in technology, mobile phone gaming became a major selling point for phone developers, who strove to provide better, faster and more catchy graphics, processors, software and games. Mobile games have also become highly interactive, offering multi-player and real-time games that add an edge to the virtual reality of the games. Like every good thing, overindulgence on the part of some has led to some parties categorizing mobile games as a menace to the youths. Mobile games should therefore not be over-indulged in till the point of neglecting reality, safety, security and practical reasoning. RedMagic is a company that creates mobile phones and then develops games for phones. We can’t say they’ve got you covered for sure, you should read independent reviews left for RedMagic by existing clients

    About RedMagic
    RedMagic is an arm of Nubia Smartphone established in 2017 to deliver high-performance game-playing devices to the market, unlocking the potential of mobile gaming. The RedMagic brand of mobile products that are optimized for gaming through the design and the software.

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    The products of the company are RedMagic 1, RedMagic Mars, RedMagic3 and RedMagic 3S.

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    Redmagic is mainly active in the Telecom category, more specifically with Mobile and Telephone, TV, Films & Streaming.

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