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Are you starting up a business and looking to provide broadband and a phone line for your office? Look no further? Woav offers great deals for various selections of broadband contract lengths and data. To find out whether this is the right choice for you, read on to hear the details of the deals, and see what previous customers had to say.

About Woav

Woav is a company that provides telecoms for small businesses, and their aim is to become an integral and reliable part of everyday companies. Their primary principles state that they are Uncomplicated, Flexible and Transparent. They are uncomplicated because they try their best to simplify the process of acquiring a broadband deal, and they put a lot of emphasis on the deals being straight forward. They are flexible because they work around the customer's needs and they are transparent because they do not hide any extra fees.

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Customer Services

Woav offers three different choices of packages for broadband purchase. Firstly, the Business Fibre Broadband and Phone Package, also labelled as the Premium package, costs £10 a month for 12 months, after which the price increases to £28, and there could be an additional cost of £14 for the phone line. This 24 month contract includes the price and delivery of the wifi cordless router, the broadband that it provides is unlimited, with a download speed of up to 76Mbps.

Alternatively you could also purchase the Business Broadband Only Package, which costs a minimum of £9.50 a month. This can be purchased either as a 1, 12 or 24 month package and customers have the choice of selecting the set standard limit of usage per month, or the unlimited. With this deal there is also a free wireless router included with a download speed of up to 17Mbps.

Finally the Business Phone Line & Calls Package costs from £14 a month and is also available for either 1, 12 or 24 months. Customers have the choice of a limited bundle of low price calls, or unlimited calls, and an international calls bundle is also available. For this deal it is possible to maintain your previous line and number, or you can also request a new one.

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Never, ever, ever, ever, ever again

Absolutely terrible customer service. Fine until I tried to move, then they tied themselves up in so many knots they didn't know there bottom from their top. I could swear a million times, I would love to swear. Awful, awful, awful, awful.

They literally couldn't give 2 hoots either. Every single call results in many minutes on hold while they "check the notes".

I tried to move on the 6th December, called them and confirmed earlier calls enquiring about moving. Told them my last day was the 15th December and new number that broadband and phone needed to be on. Received a letter shortly afterwards telling me everything would be going ahead on 27th December.

27th of December came and went. So did the 28th December - all the way up to the 10th of January. 2 weeks of no broadband while I was trying to run 2 businesses.

I called to see what was going on on the afternoon of the 27th December and was assured someone would get back to me. They didn't. I called again on the 28th, someone did some investigations over the line and then decided they would get an engineer out. The engineer was booked (unbeknownst to me) to go to the old premises and called me on the morning of the appointment to be let in only I had moved out nearly 3 weeks previous. It was only then that I had an inkling of what had gone wrong (how was another kettle of fish).

Even though I had explained the situation and a transfer must have been live on their system, they thought I was logging a fault on the old line rather than just enquiring about where my new line was. The new line eventually got ordered on the 31st January and I was assured it would be a "few days". Only on the 2nd January did someone come clean with me and tell me it would actually be the 16th but further calling and feather spitting got that down to the 10th.

Even after all of this, there is still room for more tomfoolery. I was assured that the engineer appointment wouldn't be charged to me. Lo and behold, February's bill came and there it was, £120 (inc. VAT). Not only that but I was still being charged line rental on the previous line - which I had left on the 15th December.

I finally got this sorted today - 28th February and spoke to a lovely person in the credit control department who arranged refunds and cancellations of charges. I wasn't able to do this without very firmly standing my ground though, if I was a little meeker, I would have still ended up paying a bloody fortune for absolutely nothing.

By: Matt Fogarty28-02-2019
Would buy here again

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