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    The process of transportation is termed travel. Travelling involves motion; motion is a function of time and distance. Therefore, the length of travelling must be considered before a typical transportation means will be declared excellent - either air, water, or land; not only that but also the rate of reaching the destination is another factor. Both time and distance are virtually affecting transportation. The availability of transport-operators, the medium, and passengers are other physical things to consider. Who are those that provide the means for transportation? And who are those that are to be transported? In the process of answering these questions, a linker must act as a mutual-friend between "who" to be transported and the "transport-operators." The linker must have access to the provider, and also the ones in need of transportation ser. The world is a global village; the internet has made the universe a single entity; this is why a passenger in Singapore can have access to transportation services in the Philippines. How? The internets answers the questions. How then will a connector link the buyer to the seller, how does the process happen? A body that acts as a transportation provider must have some connections with the organization that connects passengers. So, the two entities can be connected. The properties of a proper connector must include the ability to connects across the globe, must have enough transportation providers that can accommodate the passengers. So, the means of transportation must consist of land, water, and air. The connector must also have bodies that can provide all the means of transport. Many Geos, is one of the companies that act as the linker of both passengers and transportation provider. Carefully go through their customers' reviews here, observe, as this may give you the insight of the company.

    About Many Geos Many Geos is an online company incorporated in Singapore, in 2012. It primarily acts as a connector between those in need of transportation, and those that provide the means: the passenger and transport agencies. It claims to have bodies across the world with over a hundred people in ten countries working to provide ultimate services. Many Geos offers Business-to-Business andBusiness-to-Consumer online ticketing services, connecting the world "door-to-door." It also announces multinationals bodies with secure, and efficient transportation services. Many Geos provides live supports service to customers, includes site maps and countries guides for susceptible transportation.

    Products and services of Many Geos Many Geos provides multimodal travels, which include: trains, flights, buses, transfers, ferries, day trips, insurances, car rent, interline ticketing, connecting suppliers systems via API, and platform for comparison. It claims world coverage transportation activities and offers services in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, India, China, Japan, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Russia, Belarus, Czech, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand.

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