3 Best Places to Spend Christmas and New Years

3 Best Places to Spend Christmas and New Years
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When we think of traveling over holidays like Christmas and New Year a lot of us may prefer staying home. However, these special occasions are the perfect time to explore a new city. It is one of the best ways to really experience the true heart of a location and get a feel for the lifestyle of the locals.

Of course, traveling over the holidays can be hectic and stressful, but not if you make your plans in advance. When traveling to cities abroad, you can use London luggage storage, and car service to make your arrival and stay more enjoyable.

Where are the best places to spend these holidays? Here are X cities with convenient services and access to transportation that will ensure your season is merry and bright.

1. London

If you are traveling anywhere in Europe, the brilliant city of London better be on your list. While it is a memorable destination any time of the year, there is a special magic in the air during the Christmas season.

If you are a person who is anxious to decorate for the festivities right around Halloween, then London is meant for you! They begin switching over streetlights and window shop décor for the holidays during the first weekend in November.

London is also the home of the most famous tree in the world, the Trafalgar Square tree. It is gifted to the UK every year from Norway as a token of gratitude for assistance in WW2.

If traveling with your family, the Christmas season in London is filled with light shows, ice-skating rinks, and tons of theatre and entertainment. There are horse-drawn carriages for romantic couples, and plenty of restaurants and museums open on Christmas day!

The lights, shopping, and sites are reason enough to travel to the city of London during the most festive season. However, stress-free travel accommodations, like luggage storage at every major station, also make London one of the most convenient cities to visit during the holiday rush.

Imagine being able to stow away your bulky luggage and travel essentials immediately upon arrival. Most of the time you’re unable to check in to any hotel immediately. Storing your luggage means you can start to explore the city immediately and not have to worry about the safety of your belongings. You also won’t be forced to leave London early upon check-out. Just stash your luggage in storage and pick it up again before your departure.

London’s public transportation and streamlined travel perks make it a premiere destination city over the holiday season. Whether traveling for work or pleasure, visiting London at Christmas or New Year should be on everyone’s bucket list.

2. Paris

The most romantic city in the world is undisputed– it is Paris. Did you know that it’s also a fun and fabulous city to spend Christmas and New Year? Much like London, Paris is known for its beautiful landmarks and rich history. Many of the same holiday activities can be found in Paris, yet each destination is unique in itself.

All over France’s capital, you will also see lights and decorations early in the season. Several famous Christmas markets are open for shopping and dining such as Les Halles, Notre-Dame, Les Tuileries, and the impressive Christmas Village at La Defense.

You might want to consider Paris for New Year’s Eve, especially if you’re a couple. Arguably the best place to be as the clock strikes midnight is the Champ de Mars with its iconic view of the Eiffel Tower. It is the perfect backdrop for the amazing fireworks that color the sky as the new year begins! It may even be the perfect place to propose. With restaurants and nightclubs in the dozens, there is no shortage of options for either holiday in the legendary city of Paris.

3. New York City

For the final best place to spend Christmas and New Years, it’s time to come back to the United States to the Big Apple – New York City. If you are reading this, then you likely struggle to remember a New Year’s Eve without Dick Clark or watching the ball drop in Times Square. It is also hard to picture Christmas without imagining Rockefeller Center with the Christmas tree and ice skaters.

Although it is notably more crowded than usual during this holiday, with hundreds of thousands of visitors in attendance, NYC is still one of the most easily accessible destinations in the world. Stash the luggage at the terminal and head directly to the square, and you might just get a good position close to the action.

Don’t let the crowds stop you from experiencing a great destination city during the holiday season. Everyone should experience Christmas or New Year (or both!) in London, Paris, or New York.

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