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    One of the major characteristics of the 21st century is the ease of access. Man can now travel to almost any destination in the world in relative comfort, making it possible to share knowledge, learn about other cultures, produce and market solutions and products for people and companies outside one’s geographic location, work on one continent and live in another, and so on. It also makes it easy to transfer life-changing researches and technologies, saving millions of lives and increasing the life expectancy and quality of life of humans significantly across the board. An airline provides air travel services to the public. Airlines provide mass movement of people and freight from one point to the other, domestic or internationally. National airlines are owned and run by the government, while fully private airlines are subject to a lot of government regulations for economic, political and safety reasons. There are also international groups like the International Civil Aviation Organization which establishes worldwide standards for safety and other vital concerns. Most international air traffic is regulated by bilateral agreements between countries, which designate specific carriers to operate on specific routes. The 1990s brought the era of the open skies agreements that take many of these regulatory powers from state governments and open up international routes to further competition. Airlines allocate prices to their services in their bid to maximize profitability. However, the pricing of airline tickets has become increasingly complicated over the years and is now largely determined by computerized yield management systems. Also, the aviation industry is designed so that airlines often play the role of tax collectors, with the ticket charges often including a number of taxes and surcharges beyond the control of the airlines. Airlines are also prone to seasonality, with higher traffic in the summer and lower traffic in the winter seasons. They are also responsible for the enforcement of certain government regulations like ensuring proper documentation on an international flight, and so on. AVIANCA Airline is one of the oldest surviving airlines in the world. Read honest valuation of AVIANCA Airlines here before considering giving them a try.

    About AVIANCA
    AVIANCA Airlines is a Colombian national airline and the second oldest and second-largest airliner in South America. Founded in 1919 under the name Sociedad Colombo Alemana de Transporte Aéreo, SCADTA, the Airline presently has 700 flights per day, with a portfolio of 189 aircraft that travel across 75 locations in 26 countries.

    Products and Services of AVIANCA
    Apart from providing flight services across the world, AVIANCA also provides cargo services through AVIANCA Cargo, delivery services through Deprisa, and virtual P.O.Box services called FlyBox. The company also offers commercial airport services, engineering, maintenance and training services for companies in the aviation and other related sectors.

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    TRIPREPORT | Avianca (ECONOMY) | Boeing 787-8 | Bogotá - Madrid

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    AVIANCA is mainly active in the Holidays & Trips category, more specifically with Plane Tickets.

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