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    There are many hotels that you can book a room or even a complete holiday at. There are so many, that it might be hard to see which company is the best. So which one should you choose? One of the companies that offers hotel rooms is Dunas Hotels & Resorts. But what kind of hotel is this? Will the hotel rooms be clean and comfortable? How easy will it be to book a room via their website? How welcoming will their staff be? And will their customer service department be friendly enough to help you out when something does not go according to plan and you need them to solve a problem or complaint? The best sources of information on these matters are the people that have booked or stayed at Dunas Hotels & Resorts before. Read their reviews, comments, opinions and experiences to find out what kind of hotel Dunas Hotels & Resorts really is.

    About Dunas Hotels & Resorts
    Dunas Hotels & Resorts is a chain of hotels. They focus on European holiday tourism. The company was founded in 1986. Now, they are in possession of 4 hotels, each of them with a 3 or 4 star rating. Examples are the Dunas Don Gregory hotel and the Dunas Maspalomas Resort. In total, they have 3,000 beds. The founder was Don Angel Luis Tadeo Tejera. He also created the dolphin logo that Dunas Hotels & Resorts still uses today. All of Dunas’ hotels and resorts are located on sunny Gran Canaria. The location was chosen because they focus on relaxation and luxurious holidays. Therefore, the hotels are located in close proximity to the beach. The hotels also have a golf course. At the hotels, they offer family holidays and couples holidays. You can also book an all inclusive holiday or stay at a child-friendly hotel.

    A closer look at Dunas Maspalomas.

    Services of Dunas Hotels & Resorts
    You can book a hotel room or holiday online. On their website, you can find a search engine that you can use to search for hotel availability. Just fill in a hotel, your arrival date, the number or people that will be coming and your departure date. Dunas Hotels & Resorts will show you the available options and you can choose the one that you like best. Dunas Hotels & Resorts also has a customer service that can assist you when you need any help or have some kind of problem or complaint.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Dunas Hotels & Resorts
    Have you stayed at Dunas Hotels & Resorts before? Then you are the perfect person to tell us some more about this hotel room provider. What was your stay like? In what state was the hotel room? How easy was it to find available rooms? And what kind of customer service does Dunas Hotels & Resorts provide to customers that have a problem or complaint? Write your own review and tell potential customers all about this hotel chain, so they will know what to expect from Dunas Hotels & Resorts.

    What will a stay at Dunas Hotels & Resorts be like? Read customer reviews about this hotel chain with hotels and resorts in Grand Canaria.

    Dunas Hotels & Resorts
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