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    A hotel is defined asan establishment that provides lodging and usually meals, entertainment, and various personal services for the public’. In the 1760s, there was the industrial revolution that led to the emergence of hotels across Europe and the Americas. And as the travel culture became more popular, people began to build hotels and resorts outside major cities to promote scenery, tourism and inter-cultural relations/understanding. As time went on, the concept of vacation, leisure and adventure became more accessible to larger members of the public as opposed to it being the exclusive activity of the royals, the aristocrats and the rich. Hotel industry and services as we know today evolved in the 1920s, when the construction of hotels boomed, becoming more refined in services as the years progressed. The hotel industry is the backbone of travel and tourism. The mere volume of human movement from place to place has necessitated the establishment of newer, better and more accommodating structures. Unlike in time past when roads were scarce and travellers had to have a vast knowledge of survival outdoors, today, from the comfort of one’s house, it is possible to make necessary travel and accommodation arrangements for numerous numbers of destinations, without any hassle. This has led the hospitality sector to anunbroken level of growth and expansion on an international scale.If you ever find yourself in Italy, Group UNA claims to provide the Italian welcome and hospitality worthy of the experience. Read honest reviews of Group UNA here before patronizing them.

    About Gruppo UNA
    Gruppo UNA is a chain of hotels with a portfolio of 39 hotels with 5,000 room capacity, resorts and apartment-hotels. It is a hospitality subsidiary of the second-ranking insurance group in Italy, the Unipol Gruppo SPA. It is the largest hotel chain in Italy, available in 18 destinations across 10 regions of the country. It was established in 2017 when two Italian hotel chains, Atahotels and UNA Hotels and resorts, merged. The company’s business model is based on leasing, franchising and management contracts, and this has enabled it to easily expand into metropolitan areas. Gruppo UNA has its headquarters in Milan, Italy. The UNA Group is deeply rooted in Italian cultures and traditions, and as such endeavours to provide Italian hospitality to its clientele across their various outlets.

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    Products and Services of Gruppo UNA
    The Gruppo UNA has three signature brands, which are the UNA Esperienze, UNA Hotels and UNA Way. Their hotels are available across Italy, with locations set in prime urban hubs, historic hunting estates, 16th-century domains, and exquisite rural retreats, villas and resorts.

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    Gruppo UNA is mainly active in the Holidays & Trips category, more specifically with Accommodation.

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