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    Holiday hell

    R brown05-10-2018
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    Coach trip to Spain was a disaster from start to finish.2hour holdup at Fleet followed by a second driver rushing to get to Dover for an earlier ferry meant no stop.Fremch overnight hotel just about adequate but it had become obvious our driver was inexperienced as he had little or no idea about where the hotel was and we had to unload our own bags for the overnight stop and then he told us we would be leaving very early as he wanted to get the driving over !A nightmare drive through France and Spain with 2 stops and neither time could the driver find the coach park so he stopped on the fuel forecourt.His attitude was one of selfish arrogance and his only interest was his own.Once in resort the booked excursions were chaotic and he drove up one way streets the wrong way,into restricted streets and even ran a red light.Departure and pick up times were constantly changed to suit him and our homeward departure was altered 3 times before it was pointed out that the hotels would not serve early breakfast so we could actually have breakfast before we left.Just Go is a dire company and use untrained drivers and offer little or no support.

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