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    Best Zoo Ever Visited! So Much to See :)

    Emma Kyle18-07-2017
    Would buy here again: YES









    I and my family skipped movies last weekend, instead, we decided to see something more exploring, interesting and natural this time. My 16-years daughter Leo and 12-year-old son Lenard have shown their great interest to visit ZSL London Zoo.
    They got all pictures and information online.
    I was already impressed with all stuff online about ZSL London zoo but honestly, when we reached there, we were blown out!. The place was immensely stuffed with various exciting sections. we have seen the zoorasic park, one of best there..all real looking dinosaurs .. it was quite similar to JURRASSIC PARK movies :)
    and then we saw animals like Lions, Lemurs, Otters tigers, tortoises, and so much to see.
    For children, like my Lenard, there is another special children Zoo.
    We enojoyed some activities there like Penguin beach where we saw adorable cute walking penguins.
    We have never seen such variety of species in animals, reptiles, birds and insects , not in any zoo earlier.
    I recommend this place is must-visit and one may not see all in one day coz it is so huge..

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