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    Do you already look forward to your next holiday? And do you already know where to spend it? If not, chances are that you are still looking for a proper holiday provider but find that the choice is so large that it is not easy to choose just one. One of the companies that might peek your interest is MacDonalds Hotels and Resorts. But do they offer the relaxing vacation that you are looking for? What will their hotel rooms be really like? Clean and spacey? Or small and dingy? Does the reality of the hotel meet the pictures on the website? And what can you expect from their room service and customer service? To find this out, read reviews written by real customers that have already stayed at Macdonald Hotels and Resorts before. Their reviews can help you to get an idea of how things at MacDonald Hotels and Resorts are truly run.

    About Macdonald Hotels and Resorts

    MacDonalds Hotels and Resorts is a holiday hotel provider. They have 45 hotels divided over several places within the UK. They can be found in places like Birmingham, Bath, Glasgow, Lake District, Edinburgh, Manchester and Chester, South Wales and Ireland. There is even a Macdonald Hotel in Portugal. Besides hotel rooms they also offer spa treatments, tee time, health club or host a conference, meeting or wedding. And they have their own restaurant. You can find a list of their own restaurant and restaurants that they sponsor on their website.

    MacDonald Hotels and Resorts welcomes you.

    Services of Macdonald Hotels and Resorts

    Booking on their website is quite easy. Just select your choice of hotel, fill in when you would like to arrive and depart, how many rooms you need and how many adults and children will be staying there. They also provide the option to add a promotional code. If you need their customer service for a complaint, problem or question before, during or after you made a reservation or during your stay you can contact them. You can find their contact information on their website but also follow them on Social Media such as Google+, Twitter, Instagra, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn and their own blog.

    Compliants, Compliments and Tips for Macdonald Hotels and Resorts

    Have you ever spend a holiday or trip at MacDonald Hotels and Resorts? In that case, we would appreciate the input of your experience and opinion. What was the hotelroom like? Does the hotel meet the expectations that the pictures promised? And are the people that work at the hotels friendly, helpful and hospitable? Do you feel like you can approach them with any questions or problems? Your review can help other customers to find out if this company might be the right holiday provider for them.

    Does Macdonald Hotels and Resorts provide you with good hotel rooms and quality service? Read reviews about this holiday hotel provider.

    Macdonald Hotels and Resorts
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    Beautiful and superb

    MacDonalds Hotels and resorts are one of the best hotel providers i ever came across. I recently visited Chester for work and i booked a hotel from this provider. i really enjoyed my stay and the services are good as well. there are lots of perks that i get and i am very impressed.

    By: Gigi 04-06-2018
    Would buy here again

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