7 Ways to Maximize Leisure While on a Business Trip

7 Ways to Maximize Leisure While on a Business Trip
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Finding time for leisure while on a business trip can sound impractical for many, but it is possible with a bit of planning and foresight.

With improved technology and how the world has become connected, it shouldn’t be difficult to throw in some fun while still being efficient at your work. The concept of mixing pleasure with work has been around for a while now. Many travel experts have provided tangible opinions on how to go about it to ensure one aspect of the entire ideology does not suffer at the expense of the other.

Therefore, this article will look at how you can have fun while on a business trip. These essential tips are given below.

1. Put Your Business in the Forefront

Yes, having fun is great for your general well-being but always remember the main reason for your travel. It is not a leisure trip but a business trip. Thus, your work must come first at all costs. This is trying to say that leisure should take a back seat and must not be put before your work.

Remember that you are not working alone; you have teammates and superiors who are banking on you to do your bit; therefore, you can’t simply stroll off to the beach and lie under the sun while there is urgent work to be completed. If you must take a break, it is advisable to inform your teammates or superiors so that nothing comes as a surprise to them.

2. Make your Travel Insurance as Encompassing as Possible

Your travel insurance while on a business trip can be tailored to specifically fit the scope of your travel. However, ensure to sit with the travel insurer to see how you can make the insurance policy to accommodate the leisure aspect of your trip.

You may want to wander off from the terrain of your work in search of leisure spots, which may have risks. Thus, it is good to ensure your travel insurance policy covers every other extra activity you intend to indulge in.

3. Embrace Weekends

If you intend to add pleasure to your business trip, you should learn to make full use of weekends. The best way to do this is to plan your business trip so that it commences on a Monday or rounds off on a Friday. This means that you can have fun the weekend before you begin work or after you conclude your work.

This is a good way to relax before you bury your head beneath your work demands or relieve stress after a week spent attending business meetings with clients or before the screen of your monitor at night.

4. Have an Open Mind

Having an open mind allows you to welcome different ideas, which can turn your business trip into a fun time away from your typical environment. You can include another travel spot to your business travel destination just for the fun part.

Ensure the new destination is not far from the initial destination of your trip. This will prevent additional travel stress and waste of time. It is fine if you can take a train to your new destination or a flight not more than an hour long. You can enjoy a couple of days there before returning home after concluding your business.

5. Have a Travel Companion

Bringing someone along on a business trip may sound like a bad idea. Many will argue that it is the easiest way to get distracted from the main purpose of the trip. However, that is not entirely true. If you plan on mixing pleasure with work, it is great to take a friend or family along.

You can have someone to readily converse with without thinking of work, someone to share a meal with at the restaurant, and someone to share the whole experience with. If you can’t take someone along, you can always improvise. You can check if you have a relative or old friend in the place you are visiting. It can be a lot of fun meeting such people again and renewing old relationships.

6. Make Every Moment Count

Why sit and while away time after finishing your work? You are probably in a new city, and it is a great idea to look around and see what the place is made up of. Do what inquisitive travelers do: try the local cuisine, and visit libraries, museums, and other historical sites. Take pictures at important places and ensure you make full use of the opportunity. You are likely not to visit that place again.

7. Your Luggage Should Reflect the Purpose of Your Travel

Remember you are not only going on a business trip but intend to have fun as well. And you are not going on a full vacation either. Therefore, you need to pack wisely. Pick outfits that can fit both work and leisure purposes.

Even if this is not possible, ensure you strike a balance between the two. And if you can travel light, that would be great as you won’t want to have too much luggage you can’t deal with.


Having fun while on a business trip is a great idea and feasible as long as you plan. You will see that there are lots of dividends in the end. Thus, stick to the tips above, and you will be just fine.

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