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    It is my honest advice to you when I say DO NOT use this company

    Ray Carter12-11-2018
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    It is my honest advice to you when I say DO NOT use this company.
    I have waited until now to write this review be sure that I have all my facts right and to compose this review not in the mood of extreme anger, but in as considered and polite manner as possible.
    My wife and I recently went on a 4-day excursion to London & Windsor. Not only was the entire trip a disaster from start to finish. Poor hotel, awful dining timings, inordinately long excursions times. But the most worrying part was the unprofessional, disgusting behaviour as well as downright dangerous driving of the driver.
    My wife was left in near tears at the number of times he came within an inch of causing a serious crash during nearly all of our journeys, due to his constant speeding and his ever-present tactic of driving to within 10 feet and less!, when closing on a car in his lane which he considered to be impeding his progress. The object being I assume to intimidate them and force them to change lanes. Needless to say, this tactic worked for some of the more considerate and safe drivers but not at all. As he also encountered other drivers who held their lane position due to them seeing no need to change lanes as they were obeying the 40 & 50 MPH speed limits imposed on many of the motorways we traversed.
    But for me the final straw came as we journeyed home last night. No one at any time during the journey back was given any indication of any changes to the perceived dropping off schedule. So, everyone on the bus naturally assumed that it would be the reverse of Mondays picking up points. As we entered Stockport Bus Station he suddenly announced that he had decided that he was going to completely reschedule the drop off route. This change would added on at least 90 minutes to our own journey. When I questioned this, I was met with an instant and complete rant from him saying that he had decided to change the route as it would put him in a better position for him to drive home and that decision to change was entirely up to him and no-one could challenge that. I have checked and there is NOTHING in national Holiday Terms & Conditions which states he has this right.
    After further discussion he changed his mind again (again not telling anyone on the bus), but continued his disgraceful diatribe, saying in a voice that everyone could hear. “Some people” should accept his decision and that if they were not happy with this, they could always walk!!!
    Now we have been on many, many excursions with National Holidays over the past years, most of which have been excellent. And whilst the quality of drivers does differ, as one would expect, we have never experienced such arrogant, officious, and downright rude behaviour from any of them as we did from this driver. This person is supposed to be their ambassador on such excursions and is the face of National Holidays during the tour.
    I duly complained to National Holidays expecting some action on their behalf. Surprise surprise all I got was a whitewash reply saying that they were completely happy with the “investigation” they had conducted into this complaint.
    Needless to say, I was not as they had studiously and conveniently ignored 80% of my complaints about this driver.
    Trust me when I say that we will never use this company again for reasons of passenger safety, disgraceful driver behaviour and total lack of any service support from even their Holiday Director. Don’t just take my word for it. Look at the number of negative replies on consumer agencies i.e., and several other travel service reputation agencies Trustpilot, Travel Advisor et al, plus Facebook.

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