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Where will your next holiday be spent? There are so many hotels that you have ample (and maybe even too much of a) choice. So where can you go? One company that is willing to supply you with a holiday hotel is Oceania Hotels. But what can you expect when you arrive at this hotel? Will the rooms be clean? Will the beds be comfortable? Where will the hotel be located? What kind of facilities will you be able to make use of? Will their staff be nice to their customers? And what kind of customer service can you expect when you need them to solve a problem question or complaint? The best way to get these questions answered is by reading reviews left by real customers of this hotel chain. Read their experiences, opinions, comments, ratings and other experiences to investigate if Oceania Hotels might be your kind of holiday company.

About Oceania Hotels

Oceania Hotels is a chain of hotels. The company is part of Sofibra. Sofibra was founded in 1975. In 1980, Sofibra established the brands Mascote and Oceania. In 1990 they started with a B&B concept which is later sold. In 2005, they started renovating their hotels. Now, the chain of hotels consists of 26 hotels. Their hotels are located all over France. You can find them in Montpellier, Saint-Malo, Paris, Roissy, Nantes, Dijon, Marseille, Clermont-Ferrand, Ax-En-Province, Biarritz, Best, Rennes, Lorient, Quimper, Orléans, Vannes and various other cities. Lots of their hotels can be found near the French coats. You can eat in one of their restaurants. The restaurant will be distinguished by the typical creativity and character of the chef that works there. The menu will make sure of their seasonal produce, so you will only eat freshly grown products. Oceania Hotels claims to be ideal for romantic getaway and anniversaries. They also offer to host a business meeting, social event, family gathering or another meeting.

One of Oceania Hotel's establishments in Paris.

Services of Oceania Hotels

You can book a room at one of their hotels by making a reservation via their website. Just enter the hotel, city or region that you want to go to, your arrival date, your departure date and the number of rooms and guests. Oceania Hotels will show you the available options and you can choose the one you like best. Oceania Hotels has a customer service that can help you out whenever you need some help or assistance.

Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Oceania Hotels

Have you ever stayed at an Oceania Hotels hotel? If that’s so, we would be grateful to hear anything you have to say about this hotel chain. How comfortable are their hotels? Is their staff welcoming and friendly? How easy was it to book a room at their hotels? Do you think their website is accessible? Did the facilities of the hotel meet your expectations? How tasty was the food at their restaurant? And what kind of customer service did they provide for you when you had a problem that needed to be solved? Please write your own review and tell us what you really think about this French hotel chain.

How will your stay at Oceania Hotels turn out? Read customer reviews about this French hotel chain, their facilities, rooms and restaurants.

Oceania Hotels
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One great hotel trip in a long time

Oceania Hotels was great accommodation, for all time. I have a great day at one of B& B in France.
They have extraordinary services, I must say, it was great.
It is the best romantic getaway to go for.

By: Lynda Churchil 05-04-2019
Would buy here again

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