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Aquariums can be a beautiful asset to your living room. But a big aquarium that you can visit is even better. But where can you find tickets to such an aquarium? One aquarium that sells tickets is Palma Aquarium Tickets. But what can you expect from this aquarium? What will the animal habitats look like? Will the fish be taken good care of? Will you also be able to see some coral and other water plants? How easy will it be to order tickets via their website? And what kind of customer service will this aquarium provide if you or another customer needs some help? The best people you can hear this from are the people that have already visited Palma Aquarium Tickets. Read their reviews to investigate what Palma Aquarium Tickets really has to offer. Their comments, ratings, opinions and experiences can help you decide if a visit to Palma Aquarium is worth your time.

About Palma Aquarium Tickets

Palma Aquarium Tickets is a website that sells tickets to the Palma Aquarium. But what can you do with these tickets? They offer, for example, a shark vision boat. You can go on this boat to see sharks in real life and up close. You will float on top of a shark tank. The best thing about this boat is that it has a transparent floor. That way, you can take a good look at the sharks that are swimming underneath you. There is also a coral and fish course. You can take this course if you want to learn more about the beautiful coral reefs that you often hear of. They will also tell you about the importance of these coral reefs and its fishy inhabitants for the marine ecosystem. Conservation will preserve the coral reefs for the future. This course will also give you 1 ECTS credit for the Universitat de les Illes balears. If you want a really exciting experience, you can go into the big blue and dive with sharks. You will enjoy a dive with no less than 11 sharks. This dive will be guided by an instructor. If you don’t have a diver's licence, you need to subscribe to a pre-training. And also a dive insurance is mandatory. The dive will come with diver’s equipment, free access to the aquarium and £1 car parking.

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Services of Palma Aquarium Tickets

You can order tickets to the aquarium and/or any of these activities via their website. The tickets will be delivered to your home or send to you via email. There is also a customer service that helps you out when you need some assistance.

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Have you ever visited Palma Aquarium Tickets? If so, we would love to hear more about your experience with this company. How easy was it to order tickets via their website? What was your visit or experience like? And how satisfied are you with the way their customer service handled your complaint? Write your own review and tell us what you really think of this aquarium and the experiences they offer.

How exciting will a visit to Palma Aquarium Tickets be? Read customer reviews about their shark tanks, diving, coral & fish courses and more.

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A different World..WOW

Friends, in fact this is not a common place to visit. Because this is matter of very very special interest. A different world, like fantasy.
Thanks PALMA..
I have very small aquarim in my home with few water plants and small fishes. But htis is just not an Aquarium, this is a fanstastic experiences.. i have shared my beatifull thoughts about PALMA with thousand people..again here.
If you wish to swim alongwith SHARK, please visit this place..and many more super plants, you may heard but sceen

By: Dr.Elisha Bedi10-07-2018
Would buy here again

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