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    Sea Life is the place to be for everyone who loves the nature, atmosphere and creatures of the sea. Whether you are a nature lover or have a soft spot for animals, you will be able to look around to your heart’s desire. Or maybe you (and/or your child) are just a fan of Disney’s Finding Nemo and want to see the popular clownfish in real life. But are the creatures in Sea Life really properly cared for? Are there other things to do in these huge aquariums? That and more you can find out by reviews that visitors that went before you left for you here, on BritainReviews.

    About Sea Life

    Sea life is the world’s largest aquarium brand. More than 20 million guests per year visit their 50 aquariums and 6 sanctuaries. They have many locations in many cities like London, Birmingham, Brighton and Manchester. They even have locations in Europe, Australia, Asia and the USA. In total, all these location are the homes of 180,000 fish, sharks and other sea creatures. Visitors can see sharks, turtles, starfish, rockpool creatures, jellyfish, seahorses and even penguins. Their tanks have special themes that resemble their natural habitat as much as possible, so visitors too can can discover the beautiful tropics of the Stingray Bay or wander through a dense Rainforest Adventure. Other examples are freshwater landscapes, underwater reefs and lit water tanks. They even have bubble tanks and underwater tunnels where the fish swim all around you. Have you already been to a Sea Life location? In that case, it might be useful to know that it might be worth the effort to visit other locations as well. Every Sea Life is unique and so are the creatures that live in it, so chances are that your Sea Life experience will be completely different in another location than the one you previously visited.

    Sea creatures in their natural habitat

    Services of Sealife

    Besides the creatures in the aquariums in the Sea Life locations, they have a breeding program and a program to rescue and protect wildlife creatures and their habitats. And their work together with schools to develop educational programs. On their website, you can find elaborate explanations of their projects and other work. Sea Life also has a registered charity that concerns itself with the conservation of marine wildlife and the environment.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Sea Life

    Do you have any experience with Sea Life? What was your experience like? Was it positive or negative? Was your visit really the wonderful, marvellous underwater world that they advertise, or were you disappointed? What do you think of Sea Life and its many charities and causes? Did anything bad happen while you were visiting one of the Sea Life locations. Were the creatures really as well cared for as they promise? Or maybe you just want to compliment them with the wonderful work that they do with one or all of their programs. That is what you can do here, on BritainReviews. Leave your review and let us and others know whether you would recommend a visit to Sea Life or not.

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    Great place for sea enthusiastics

    Loved the place, this is the largest aquarium that I have ever visited may be the best. I found wide variety of fishes, aquatic animals and underwater exposure. Its splendid especially to have a tour with kids. My daughter is age of 9 and she love underwater world, so I took here, She loved the place. water tanks are beautiful and so the surrounding

    By: Andrew Mattis13-07-2017
    Would buy here again

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