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    Margaret McCarthy04-12-2018
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    Have been to this hotel on several occasions for turkey and tinsel with my friend, we have always enjoyed them, but this year, there are a lot of changes, we have to book an evening meal time with a choice of three times slots, you have to give your room number on entering the dining room every night, you have to give your room number every morning when going for breakfast, it’s like registration time at school, they no longer have the single jam and marmalade portions, the ham and marmalade are in jars and I observed people taking jam or marmalade, scraping it off tb3 spoon with their finger, putting the same spoon back in the jar and scooping it off again, I also observed part empty pots all being put into one pot to be used again, last year I recieved a loyalty card which gave me free tea or coffee whenever I stay at a shearings hotel, when I went for a coffee this time I was told have to pay 50pence towards the price of the coffee, I know these are outside management rules and regulations and nothing to do with the hotel staff and management, but I think it’s a step backwards, I would like to add that the hotel staff are lovely, nothing was to much trouble, very friendly but a lot of the personal touch has gone and it’s a shame.

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