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Your holiday should be well arranged. But it’s not always easy to say which travel agency of holiday company is the best option. StayPlanet can offer various kind of homestay options. But at what kind of farms of apartments will they have you stay? What will the hotels and hostels look like? At what kind of locations will the village stays be? To what kind of cities or towns will you be able to go to? Will it be easy to arrange a homestay holiday via StayPlanet? And what kind of customer service will StayPlanet offer if you are in need of their help? Only travelers and holidaymakers that have travelled via StayPlanet can tell you more about this holiday company. Read their reviews to investigate if StayPlanet is the kind of company that you would like to book a vacation at. Their opinions, ratings, comments and experiences can show you what kind of holiday company StayPlanet truly is.

About StayPlanet

StayPlanet is a holiday company that offers trips, vacations and other holidays. They call themselves a “vacation rental booking engine” and offer real-time booking for various homestay accommodations. Examples of these accommodations are farm stay, camping, hotels, village stay, hostels, B&B’s, apartments and more. They want to encourage cultural exchanges between travelers and the local community. So you will be getting ideal accommodations for a reasonable price and will also be able to enjoy an authentic stay in a country, city or village. Besides accommodations, there is more that StayPlanet has to offer. They would, for example, like to accommodate a host family program. In that program, a student stays at a caring host family. It’s a way to improve your English and spend some time in a real foreign family. You’ll learn about the Irish culture and might build a great friendship. Other activities offered by StayPlanet are school groups, Teens English Adventures and some hop-on-hop-off bus tours. So, as you can see, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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Services of StayPlanet

You can book a holiday via their website. You just need to enter your destination and let them know when you want to check In and out, You can search by hotel, country or city and they will show you the possibilities within that period. There is also a StayPlanet customer service department that is willing to help you when you happen to require some assistance.

Complaints, Compliments and Tips for StayPlanet

Have you ever been on holiday with StayPlanet? Then, we would love to hear everything about your experience with this online travel agency. What did you think of the accommodation that they would have you stay in? Was the trip as you expected it to be? How easy was it to book a holiday via StayPlanet’s website? And what kind of customer service did the people behind StayPlanet give you when you needed some help? Please write a review and tell us what you really think about StayPlanet. Then, other people will know what to expect when they book a StayPlanet holiday.

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Idea Holiday vacation company to provide variety-oriented trips

The vacation rental booking engine, definetely works out great as far as concern about getting right kind of accomodation, the cheapest, the best, or something one particularly looking for.
Then, they have different types of accommodation such as hostels, luxury homes, camping, apartments, farm stay and god-knows what and what!
I just want to say, my experience with them has been great, especially I always liked the price where they even begin with.

By: Ricky Anderson31-03-2019
Would buy here again

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