Top Tourist Attractions of Amsterdam

Top Tourist Attractions of Amsterdam

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For many years, Amsterdam has maintained a of being an exciting travel destination for tourists and travelers. This feat is undoubtedly due to the jurisdiction's cosmopolitan, charming, and compact environment that draws exploration. 

The appealing and well-preserved architecture from the 1600s gives the city a facelift of gothic representation. This popular capital of the Netherlands provides an exciting best canal cruise Amsterdam experience by boat and other incredible things to experience on land. 

Every corner, street, and district of Amsterdam offers incredible things to see. In this post, we will discuss some of Amsterdam's most exciting and popular attractions.

Amsterdam Canals

These beautiful canals that run around the streets of Amsterdam were constructed in the 17th century to help control the flow of the Amstel River. After a while, it became clear that these canals helped the wealthy merchants of Amsterdam showcase their mansions.

One of the most incredible ways of viewing the traditional Dutch structure of the city is by taking a boat ride along one of these famous canals. The canals are not just any regular canals; the ones in Amsterdam are beautified with lime and elm trees that stand sentinel on either side. 

Over a thousand bridges cross over these canals that boast over 2,000 houseboats – some of which have houseboat hotels. In addition, you can enjoy a variety of cruises that the tour operators offer. These cruises range from hour-long excursions to candlelight.

Van Gogh Museum

This world-known museum is located on the northwestern side of the Museumplein. This popular museum has the world's most extensive Van Gogh letters and paintings collection. 

It is a four-story building designed in the '70s by Gerrit Rietveld. Since its establishment, this museum has remained one of the most visited tourist attractions in Amsterdam. In fact, it is hard to remember Amsterdam without the Van Gogh Museum coming to mind.

In the second story of the museum, there are about two hundred paintings from the famous Mr. Gogh, which are chronologically displayed to give viewers a closer look at the artist's evolving style. 

In the third story of the building were pieces of information about Gogh's troubled life and all it took to restore his paintings. Finally, on the top floor were paintings by the contemporaries of Van Gogh, such as Daubigny, Gaugin, and Millet.

Anne Frank House

Indeed, almost everyone who has read the book The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank would be interested in seeing the Anne Frank House – a tourist attraction situated along the Prinsengracht canal. This house is the building that once shielded Anne Frank, her family, and four other Jewish victims from the Nazi authorities in the Second World War. 

The house has been considered a memorial to the Holocaust since 1947, a moment Anne's father published the diary his daughter wrote while they hid within that building. The Anne Frank House became a museum in 1960, and visitors can visit the rooms Anne lived in.

De Wallen 

This part of Amsterdam is an area with many brothels and strip clubs; this area is designated for prostitution in the city, albeit legally. In De Wallen, there are over 100 one-room apartments rented by prostitutes that attract onlookers from their windows that outline their one-room apartment with red lights and other fanciful electrical lighting.

The police keep everyone in the neighborhood protected, so there is no mugging or anything of that sort. Although it is not permitted to take pictures of either De Wallen or the sex workers therein, visitors are still welcome to visit – or patronize the workers, as the case may be. De Wallen is reputed to be an old part of Amsterdam, and it also boasts of various historical architectures, including the Gothic-style Oude Kerk.

Artis Zoo

The Artis Zoo is an old zoo in Amsterdam. This zoo may be considered by some to be small but is considered mighty. The Artis Zoo sits on the section of the canal in Oost. In the zoo, you will also find a planetarium, an aquarium, and it is only in this zoo would you find the only microbe museum on the planet.

Both adults and kids will be fascinated by the numerous wild beasts in the zoo, such as elephants, giraffes, apes, and big cats. Families can enjoy a BBQ or picnic within the zoo. Families that visit the zoo during the summertime can also enjoy a variety of special tours and music performances.

Heineken Experience

Everyone across the globe knows Heineken beer, and many also know that this popular beer originates from Amsterdam. Therefore, this experience is a manner of celebrating the invention and production of the unique beer.

Within the Heineken building, tourists will be privy to an abundance of experience that goes beyond a regular brewery tour. Besides the fact that you may learn how the Heineken beer is produced, you will also have the chance to taste the pure alcohol.

In addition, tourists can also view many artifacts with incredible histories and go on a ride within the building. This ride carries you across every production level and concludes with tasting a finished beer.

Moco Museum 

The Moco Museum is the latest addition to the tourist attractions of Amsterdam, and within a short time, this museum has quickly become a gallery that everyone wants to see. Even though it is off the tourist trail, this museum, unlike many others, is a private one where guests can view more than 50 famous works.

In the museum are also several murals by Banksy – an example is the popular Girl With Balloon. Besides viewing artistic murals by the popular graffiti artist (Banksy), you can also view rotating exhibits made by some talented pop-art creators in the world.

Albert Cuyp Market

Creating a post of Amsterdam's tourist attractions without mentioning this iconic market would be wrong. The Albert Cuyp Market started as the coming together of street vendors in the 1900s. But it has become a bustling market in Amsterdam. The market is named after Albert Cuyp, a famous artist. In the market, you will find cuisine from all over the world. The market opens every day save for Sundays.

The market has immensely developed over the last 100 years, and it continues to grow as there is an increase in customers' demands. Taking a tour around the Albert Cuyp Market is an experience like never before.

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Final Thoughts 

As you can see, there are many exciting things to see and do in Amsterdam. Your thrilling journey starts from the moment you enter the city. Your eyes will be so glued that you will forget to take pictures and post them on social media. But don’t fret; good old Amsterdam will always be here with its fantastic aesthetics!

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