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    They say that money makes the world go round. During almost everything you do, you will have to come into contact with money. Whether you need food, have to pay rent or mortgage, want that new shirt, book or DVD, or if you want to visit a museum or other form of entertainment, one thing is for sure: you will need money to be able to do much of anything. If money is so important, you will want it to be safe. The Bank of England offers all kinds of money business. But is this company reliable and trustworthy? Can you trust them to handle your money well and to keep it safe? That’s what customers that are or have been in business with Bank of England can tell you. Read their customer reviews with their experiences, opinions, complaints and more to find out whether you would entrust your money to Bank of England.

    About bank of England
    The Bank of England is a bank that stores and deals with money. They have a long history, going back to the revolution of 1688. This revolution provided England with stability for the first time in almost a century. Following the example of the Amsterdam Wisselbank in Holland, they created a public bank. They officially opened for business in July 1694. Their main office is situated in London. Now they deal in banking, payments, research and statistics and more. They also offer to store gold on an allocated basis, which means you retain the title to those specific bars of gold and not the Bank of England. If any problems arrive with your bank account, you can contact them

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    Services of Bank of England
    If you want to open a bank account, or if there is any problems with your bank account or any other problem or question, you can visit them in London. They have provided you with elaborate maps and directions on their website. On the same website, you can also find a phone number that you can call, a fax address that you can send to and en email address that you can write to.

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    So what do you think of Bank of England? Have you already saved your money at this banking company? Or have you done so in the past but would never do it again? Con you ever approached them with a complaints and if you did, how did Bank of England handle them? Help others who have these questions by leaving a customer reviews with your experience, opinion, complaint, rating, compliment and more. And maybe you even have a tip for (dealing with) Bank of England. Your review can help others decide whether Bank of England is trustworthy enough to trust their money to.

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