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    Money management skills are something people do not talk about as often as they should be. Most people do not understand the true meaning of wealth management and wealth sustainability. This is the reason why Mr A as the time of his death he had 10 companies he handed over to his heirs and 5 years down the line, they are all living in acute poverty while Mr B leaves 5 companies to his heirs same 5 years down the line the number of companies has increased to 10. The major difference is the lack of money skills and sustainability know-how. It is not just enough to earn an attractive salary, someday people won’t have that job anymore, someday they won’t be so strong to do the job anymore and it is at that point that the money management skills will speak for them, how well have they invested the resources they have gathered over the years. This is the later years will be what they can rely on. What do you do when you do not understand how your wealth is going down the drain? Get a financial coach! A financial coach will teach people money management skills and wealth sustainability skills, they might not necessarily get involved with their choice of investment, because investment more times than not are risks, a financial coach will help people with their spending habits and patterns and give people the best way to get past their unhealthy spending habits and help them make better spending decisions. There are so many financial coaches and companies out there to help people make better spending decisions. One of such companies that allegedly help people make better spending decisions is Claro. For independent customer reviews of Claro, please do read on.

    About Claro
    Claro is a financial planning app that is maintained to have been designed to help users plan, save and invest their money wisely. Their sole goal is to help with the smart financial decision and these they claim to carry out using spending analysis, goal setting, saving, and also investing. Claro also insists that what makes them different from other financial app is that they believe in the journey to financial freedom from the very beginning till the end. The company is based in London and claims that even though their team is small they have loads of experience with those who run the banking and tech sector.

    Products and services of Claro
    Claro is a financial app that allegedly provides services such as coaching, planning saving, and investing to its clientele. They claim they make sure client money is working for them and put it in the right places to achieve their goal. They also have a cash and bond portfolio which as they claim makes saving quite easy. Investing can also be as low as£10. Their detailed spending analysis also helps their customers to know at what stage to cut back on their spending.

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    Have you patronized Claro before? How would you describe your experience? Are you still using the app? Did it help in cutting back on your spending? What is the major difference in your life before and after using Claro? Would you suggest their services to your friends and colleagues? Your feedback will be immensely treasured.

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    Claro is mainly active in the Finance category, more specifically with Saving, Investing.

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