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    The need for money manifests in virtually every aspect of our lives. We need money for food, clothes, and shelters. To get money, we often need to work. There are two aspects to working: in some cases, it would require you to get paid employment, while in other cases, you could be an entrepreneur or a freelancer – working on your terms. To be an entrepreneur, you would need to have the money to start your place. This is considering you will need office space and certain equipment for a start. Getting this money could sometimes be difficult if you do not have adequate savings or help from investors that could help you raise the funds. In some cases, you might also think you already have enough money only to later exhaust the money with a few things left to sort out. By this time, it might be difficult immediately getting the money. If you find yourself in any of this situation, you might want to take a loan to complete the money you need. However, you would need to patronize the right platform to be able to get the loan. One of the platforms that are dedicated to helping people raise money to start a business is Crowdester. However, you should read honest customer reviews about Crowdester before you patronize them.

    About Crowdester
    Crowdester is a platform that is driven by safety, transparency, and safety. Their philosophy is that there is power in the crowd, as well as the fact investors and entrepreneurs who need capital, are part of the crowd. An investor who needs 100,000 Euros to start a business could easily raise it from 100 people willing to invest with 1,000 Euros each or 1,000 people willing to invest 100 Euros each. You could thus, see how a huge 100,000 Euros for an individual could be sorted out by just costing 1,000 people of the 6 billion people in the world, 100 Euros each. It is based on this understanding that they started Crowdester as a platform where people could start investing in businesses from as low as 50 Euros. They claim to start paying those who invest from the moment they click invest irrespective of if the project was successfully funded or not. They claim to have raised 33,224,221 Euros from 13,360 investors with an average interest rate of 16.22 per cent.

    Services of Crowdester
    The services of Crowdester are tailored to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and investors. Entrepreneurs can seek funds for their business and determine the interest rate they are willing to pay and for how long they would need the loan. Investors, on the other hand, can find the investments they are interested in based on the interest rate and duration specified by the entrepreneur.

    Compliments, Complaints, and Tips for Crowdester
    If you have ever used the services of Crowdester, kindly drop your experience and feedback for the company. As an investor, were you able to get your money back along with the expected interest? As an entrepreneur, were you able to get the funds you needed for your business from the platform?

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    Crowdestor is mainly active in the Finance category, more specifically with Investing.

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