Getting loans can be very challenging due to issues with trust. Apart from trust, many other factors make getting loans difficult. There is the fact that the world is a very risky place and even people that have everything going for them such that they do not need loans to get luxury houses and cars could come crashing down within a very short while and getting money to eat would even become a problem. By this time, they could already have been kicked out of their houses. It is not always due to the person taking bad decisions like gambling or drinking but life just happens to them. Thus, people who would be seeking loan could also get to a point where they would not be able to pay back such loans even if they had a good job and the means to pay back the loan when they were collecting it. This is why banks will normally ask for collateral before giving out a loan. However, in recent times, several companies are willing to take the risk to provide small loans without interest so that those who need such loans can easily access it and payback within a short while. One of the companies you might want to patronize when you want to get a loan is However, you should read honest customer reviews about to know what their other customers are saying about them before you patronize them.

    About was established as Credissimo more than 12 years ago in the year 2007 by 4 entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs wanted to disrupt the inefficiency of the lending market by giving their customers access to convenient online consumer loan products. They were able to develop in-house proprietary process automation in 2010 that was able to provide an almost instant loan to those that qualify automatically. They further developed a mobile-friendly website as well as Android and iPhone apps. The company claims to have processed more than 1 million online loan applications. On 7 May 2014, the company offered an initial public offering and successfully listed 2.5 million shares on the public market. They adopted big data scoring and analytics based on machine learning in 2015 while they integrated chatbot and bitcoin in 2016. They allow their customers to take crypto-currency backed loans.

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    Their services include providing loans in 45+ currency and providing their customers with Nexo Card. They also provide investors with the opportunity to earn interest by investing in their platform.

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