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    Crowdfunding is the process where small amounts of capital from a large number of people are used to finance a new business venture. This model of obtaining capital makes use of easy accessibility of vast networks of people through social media and crowdfunding websites to bring investors and entrepreneurs together. This increases the entrepreneurship capabilities of the businesses by expanding the pool of investors beyond the traditional owners, venture capitalists and individuals. This model of sourcing for funding has led to an explosion of ideas and extension of entrepreneurship, as one of the major elements that stifle business establishment and/or expansion is capital. Traditional means of accessing capital like loans from financial institutions mostly require that the borrower produces some security facilities in case of default, while also taking a chunk of the capital back through interest rates. Crowdfunding platforms are creating alternative to this, as the rise of Financial Technology Industry across the world regulates transactions and sets boundaries and restrictions for digital transactions. Nibble is a platform that links people who want to invest with people who have ideas and/or want to start a business, offering a win-win situation for both parties. How will the interest of both parties be protected? Does Nibble have a good track record? Read independent reviews of the company here to find the answer before considering investing in any of their products and services.

    About Nibble

    Nibble is a crowdfunding platform that connects investors and lenders throughout Europe through a safe investment guarantee for loans issued by companies which are part of the IT Smart Finance Group (ITSF). Nibble is based on a ‘Peer to Portfolio’ model, offering investors the opportunity to safely invest in alternative loans and a Buyback guarantee even if the loan is overdue by more than 60 days. Nibble also offers investors a return on investment of up to 12%, exceeding the average profitability of the market. It currently has its headquarters in Spain and Russia and was founded in 2014. Nibble helps the investors to have an investment portfolio in a fully automated manner where investors can establish the portfolio parameters that allow them to create preferences like the maximum and minimum investment amounts, countries to invest, and so on.

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    The company offers short term loan plans worth up to €500, with the loan repayment term of up to 30 days, as well as a long-term loan plan of amount up to €1,000 and a loan repayment term of up to 90 days. The company also offers automatic reinvestment and buyback guarantee options for customers that desire such.

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    Nibble is mainly active in the Finance category, more specifically with Investing.

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