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    For most people, investing in real estate is one of the hardest decision to take. The paralyzing fear that you may most likely end up losing your hard-earned money will always be the foremost thought that will be going through your mind. Along with this nagging fear of losing your money is also the fear of negative cash flow from the investment, and the potentials of tenants and management hassles. And then there is the question of when is the right time to invest. However, investing in real estate has proven to be one of the best forms of getting a profitable return on your money, as the property can only appreciate over time. The best option is to invest through professional real estate managers with a proven track record of successful investment choices. One such real estate management team that you might want to consider giving a try is Reinvest24 International, a firm that claims to have been working in the real estate market since 2005 and as such boosts seasoned professionals with experiences in project development, investment in real estate, Property sales and maintenance. But is there a negative cash flow in their investments? What is the interest rate on the properties they will be investing your money into and what is the duration? These and many other burning questions you might have that cannot be addressed here. However, we strongly recommend you read honest customer reviews of Reinvest24 International here to get satisfactory answers to your questions.

    About Reinvest24 International

    The company was founded in 2017 but the Reinvest24 International platform was launched in 2018. The CEO of Reinvest24 International, Tanel Orro claims to have brought his experience from working at LHV Asset Management company for many years to the company with a mission to turning it into the leading real estate investment platform in Europe.

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    Products and Services of Reinvest24 International

    Presently Reinvest24 International has several properties for funding: Nestor residential building with a 4 stage development located in Moldova, Metropolis 4D development loan in 5 stages also located in Moldova, Metropolis business Apartment in Stage 3 with a location in Moldova and Montesano residential Complex which is 5 houses located in Spain. These properties have been funded to a certain extent and each has different funding targets, internal rate of return, interest rates and time durations. On their offer in the secondary market is the 3 stages Nistor residential building in Moldova, 2 stage Metropolis business apartments in Moldova, 7 stage Bauskas development loan in Latvia, 2 stages Nistor residential building in Moldova, 1 stage Nistor residential building in Moldova, 6 stage Bauskas development loan in Lativa,3 stages Belgrad residential plan in Moldova, 1 Stage Metropolis business apartment in Moldova, Residential building in Spain, 2 stages Belgrad residential project loan in Moldova, 4 stage Albisoara Shopping Centre Development in Moldova, Rental apartment on Oja street Eesti, among many others.

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    Have you invested in the real estate managed by Reinvest24 International in the past? How will you rate their services on a scale of one to ten? Are you satisfied with your investment with them enough to recommend your friends and acquaintances to also invest with them? Did you get value for money, as well as the best experience of your investment? Your feedback and tips on how the firm can improve its general service delivery will be highly appreciated.

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    Reinvest24 International is mainly active in the Finance category, more specifically with Investing.

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