Financial Products You Can Start Investing in 2020

Financial Products You Can Start Investing in 2020

Now that coronavirus is dealing a massive blow to the UK economy, pessimists may suggest that this is not the right time to invest in financial products. But investment experts think contrary to this view. Many believe that the fall in the prices of stocks and financial products is even a massive benefit, as investors can now buy more with fewer funds. But then, we must state that if you aim to get returns on your investments quickly, this time may not be your best option.

The UK economy may continue to experience depression for a while before it bounces back. Before that time, when things will begin to normalise, there may be little or negative return on investments. But if you have a long-term goal in mind, many financial products abound to make your bank account grow fat. Check below to see a few of them.

Financial Products You Can Invest in 2020

  • Gold

There is hardly any other precious metal that does well for investment purposes as gold. Although it is not beyond the typical speculation and risks common to all financial products, its risk is relatively low. You can invest in it by buying gold jewellery or the bullion metal itself. The good thing about gold jewellery is that you know that their value doesn't decrease too much in the market. So, if you're looking for a secure way to invest your money during this coronavirus time, investing in gold is what you should include on your list.

  • Real Estate Investments

In addition to investing in gold, another stable way to add value to your money in years to come is through real estate. The demand for housing is unlikely to reduce no matter how unpromising the economy may look. The only significant risk is that if people's purchasing power does not increase, your properties may be undervalued to get a buyer. If you expect a quick turnaround, investing in real estate may not be a good option, especially now that the economy is ailing.

Real estate and properties are good financial products in the long run, and you can live there in the meantime. You can even live and rent it out at the same time while you sell it later. However, you may need help on how to start investing in real estate if you are a beginner in this field.

  • Stock Market Investments

Trading shares in the stock market is perhaps the commonest investments out there. During this time that the UK economy is struggling, many companies' shares will be at their all-time low prices, and you can buy more with less. The stock market may be volatile, but it can also be a fantastic way to make it big if you stay tuned to stock market news and take calculated risks.

Perhaps you are asking, "What time does the stock market open in the UK?" It's every working day from 8 am to 4 pm. But to know which company's shares are reliable for investment, you may need a broker to limit or avoid loss. You should get the basic financial knowledge in order to invest in the stock market. Otherwise, the current coronavirus can make it riskier to put all your money into it.

  • Investing in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is among the famous cryptocurrencies that are proving a good investment option lately. It's very volatile, no doubt, and the speculation can be high. But if you know how to invest in Bitcoin, this period is about the best to give it a shot. You should start small if you have Bitcoin in mind so that you can be on the safe side should its demand falls abysmally.

What to Buy and Sell in the Stock Market

Perhaps you've heard the word "stock' or "shares" many times and are wondering what it means. Those are the technical terms for a portion of a company's ownership sold out to raise capital to expand the business. A country's stock exchange is that platform where this selling and buying takes place. So, when you buy a company's stock share, you invariably own a portion of it.

Your percentage ownership of that company is a function of rating what you buy to the company's outstanding shares. Being an owner means you share in the company's profits and losses. As such, if you purchase shares of a company and that company declares a loss, you are going to share in it.

This risk propensity is why stock investments are risky. Yes, you may have your money and purchase shares, but you cannot guarantee if that investment will bring a good return. However, experienced stockbrokers can guide you to put your money in the right share not to waste your resources.

How We Can Help You Find Excellent Financial Products

Not many people realise how an impeccable review website such as BritainReviews can aid their search for financial products. But the opportunities are almost boundless if you can use them well. On BritainReviews, you find companies, stockbrokers, and people who have had an encounter with them in the past.

So, if you're looking for a means to perform a credibility check on a company, you can turn to BritainReviews for that. And how does this work out? Past and present customers write credible reviews of their experiences about companies, which someone like you can use to judge whether they are worth your money or not.

Again, you probably know that you should get the necessary financial knowledge before parting with your funds to invest in the stock market. But do you know that such knowledge is readily available on BritainReviews? Before you read people's comments, there is usually a summary of what the company does, its values, and other necessary information on the website.

Parting Shot

Trying times such as these coronavirus periods are never an excuse to jilt investing. After all, investments and risks are almost inseparable. From our financial products list above, you can pick the one you like and research how to reduce or avoid losing money while investing in them. In all, we recommend you read reviews of whichever company you plan to partner with before proceeding.


Understanding finances

If you want to become better at understanding finances but you don’t know where to start, at least know that nowadays there is a wealth of information on the subject and getting started is not difficult. Libraries, bookstores and websites can provide you with most of the information you need on every financial topic you can imagine. Anyone who is interested and willing to put in the time can get access to all the needed resources. Here are some tips so you don’t get lost in the process:

Take a finance course
Look for courses from universities and other academic institutions that can guide you in your learning journey. You can also have a quick read at books such as The Richest Man in Babylon or the well-known "... for Dummies" series which can provide you with insight into the basics of finance so that you can then identify specific items that you would like to learn more about. 

Internet is your friend
For any questions, there’s no better place to go to for fast, easy access to information than the web. You can look for finance information at Investopedia and similar sites that provide access to infinite amounts of information and will also keep you updated on the latest financial developments. You will also be able to find economists, strategists and other experts that can be interesting and informative to you. 

Get deeper into the subjects
Once you’ve covered the basics of finance it’s important to immerse yourself in more complex financial subjects. There are great publications and magazines that can truly help you gain more in-depth knowledge than you will usually get surfing the web or taking on a course. The more you are able to deal with complexity, the easier also the basic finance matters will be to deal with. 

Get familiar with the language
There is really not one formula to do this, the best advice is to just take initiative and immerse yourself into the subject while taking the time to search for the meaning of unknown terms when you come across them. Taking on a course can also help you a lot in getting familiar with the finance lingo. Some of the main concepts you will learn about will be: how to measure profitability, EBITDA, operating income, revenue and operating expenses. 

Don’t fear!
Don’t avoid finance just because you don’t feel you’re good at math or you find it boring. It’s not as complex as it seems at first and it is truly necessary to keep score on your business and measure your progress. Most finance operations are mathematically not that complex.

Either because you feel you are ready to take on your finances on your own or you feel you may need some advice and assistance, check out these finance companies that may help you engage in and improve your finances.

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