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Many reward programs reward you with credit, air miles or real money. There are, however, very few reward programs that provide you with crypto. Cryptoback and their Wirex Visa card are the first ones to do so. But what can you expect from this visa card? How much reward will they offer if you use their card on a regular basis? Will the card work properly or will you have lots of problems paying with it? Will it take long for the Wirex delivery service to send the visa card to your home? And what kind of customer service does Wirex provide if you ask for their help? Only people who have used the Wirex before can tell you more about this credit card provider. Read their reviews to get an understanding of how Wirex works. Their opinions, comments, ratings and experiences can tell you if Wirex might be a good option for you.

About Wirex

Wirex Limited is a company that offers a credit card reward program. Their main office can be found in London. The special thing about Wirex is that they pay you back in cryptocurrency. They provide you with the opportunity to take your contactless Wirex Visa Card and transform it into a “Bitcoin-generating tool”. There are different ways in which you can make use of the Wirex Visa card. You can tap, swipe or use the card contactless. It does not matter whether you pay at a shop, bar or restaurant. Even public transport is included. Every time you make a transaction, Wirex will reward you with 0,5% in Bitcoin. You will receive them as Satoshis, but Satoshis is a subunit of Bitcoin. You can redeem these Satoshis whenever you like. Redeemed Satoshis are transferred to your Bitcoin wallet and you can spend them as you please.

Bitcoin-Friendly Currency Accounts are now available.

Services of Wirex

You can request a Wirex card via the website of the company. Opening an account is free. All you need to do is entering your first name, last name, email address and password. Once the account has been created, you can log in via their website, but they also have an app that can be installed on your smartphone or tablet. This app enables you to redeem your Satoshis and Bitcoins whenever and wherever you like. The website is available in English, German, Italian and French. And there is a Wirex customer service to answer any question you might have.

Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Wirex

Have you ever made use of Wirex’s reward program? Then, we are interested in your opinion of this program. Was it easy to request a card and create an account via Wirex’s website? Does the app work properly? How much Satoshis were you able to collect via this reward system? And what is Wirex’s customer service department like when you need some help because of a problem or question? Tell us about your experience with Wirex via a personal review. Such a review will help other customers to understand what kind of company Wirex is.

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Good idea

Just two days back I have joined here and provided virtual card ever ,to see the acceptance, and smoothness of Bitcoins .
I have used and rewarded back in satoshi . No issue till the time , widely acceptable with value .
If government have no issue, this is not a bad idea to to try it and see the impact personally instead by reading a review anywhere or any other sources.

By: Callum07-03-2019
Would buy here again

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