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For most people, cars are an integral part of our lives. Some people use their car every day to get to work, go grocery shopping, visit friends, bring their children to school and sport activities and everything more you can think of. But what if you don’t have money available for your car? Get Me Car Finance is a company that provides you with a loan that you can spend on every car dealer. But can you trust them? Will you be able to pay back the loan? And how do they treat customers that have a complaint? That is what customers that have already applied for a loan at Get Me Car Finance can tell you, Read their customer reviews and base your decision to take out a loan at Get Me Car Finance on their hans-on experience and opinions.

About Get Me Car Finance

Get me car finance is a company that gives out car loans. They will provide you with credits that you can spend on every car dealer of your choice. They accept everyone who is over 18, has a part time job, full time job, is on benefits, or is self-employed, has any kind of drivers licence and has been a UK citizen for longer than 6 months. They even accept you when you have a bad credit. You can go to a dealer and find your perfect car yourself, but you can also let Get Me Car Finance help you by finding your car for you.

Services of Get Me Car Finance

Get Me Car Finance offers six months car tax, £q00 cash back, 6 months warrantee on all the cars that they supply, the possibility to walk in to any dealer within the UK and representative 27.4% APR. If you have a problem with your loan or car or a question about any aspect of the company, you can contact them. They jave provided you with an email address that you can mail to and a telephone number that you can call to. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay posted on their latest news.

Compliments, Complaints and Tips for Get Me Car Finance

Have you already applied for a loan at Get Me Car Finance? Than you might be able to tell us what you think about this company for car loans. You can help others make an informed decision by leaving a customer review with your experience, opinion, rating, complaints or maybe even compliment or a tip for Get Me Car Finance. Are they reliable? How easy is it to repay the loan? Do they give you the chance to pay back the loan or are they being difficult even when you pay on a regular basis? Does their customer service really help you when you go to them with a complaint? Let us and others know.

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Helpful And great option

I was looking for a car to buy, but that was my first experience and I had no idea about what to do and where to go. That time I had very limited amount to invest in car and I really don't want to put my money on waste thing .
Get me car finance helped to know what to buy and also make my budget little better for buying my first car. I really love what I bought and also the services which I got from get me car finance was awesome

By: Andrea 24-10-2017
Would buy here again

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