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BritainReviews is the place to share and discover candid feedback and genuine experiences with various companies. We provide impartial and credible reviews from across the globe, aiding your shopping decisions. Know precisely what to expect before you purchase, avoiding any unwelcome surprises.

We are an esteemed member of the ReviewsInternational® network, zealously advocating transparency in over 30 countries. Our ethos is built on honesty, especially in a modern market where consumers easily spot deceitful sales tactics. Share your positive experiences and spotlight righteous companies.

Explore deeper insights with us. For example, a mobile plan might seem attractive, but how reliable is the service in your region? Or, an inexpensive gym membership may be enticing, but is it overcrowded during your preferred times? Perhaps you're eyeing a new fashion retailer but are hesitant about their reliability? Our review platform equips you with all the necessary information before making a decision.

Ensuring Genuine and Trustworthy Companies on Our Platform

At BritainReviews, we rigorously ensure that the companies listed on our site are genuine and honest. We validate their credentials, ensuring legitimacy. While verification doesn't alter their rating, as all ratings are derived from actual customer feedback, verification signifies openness and trustworthiness. Legitimate companies receive a verified badge. Verification requests from companies foster a safer and more enjoyable online shopping experience for all our users.

Navigating Your Shopping Experience with BritainReviews

Our platform encompasses an array of companies, from e-commerce websites and finance firms to car services and beyond. Each category is subdivided, making it easy to find detailed reviews on the specific service or product you're interested in. Whether it's health, finance, or your next holiday destination, we've got reviews that cater to every interest, simplifying your decision-making process.

BritainReviews is here for you, the consumer!
- One of the largest review platforms in the UK.
- Our community drives us: active users passionately share their reviews here.
- Explore a vast array of products and services via customer reviews.
- Enjoy various content formats including company profiles, video reviews, and detailed analyses.

Sales pitches abound, yet they can be deceptive. Hence, we strive for a transparent marketplace, enabling you to hear genuine experiences straight from other customers. Discover more about our platform!

Ensuring Real and Reliable Reviews

At BritainReviews, we pride ourselves on hosting genuine customer reviews. Our stringent process ensures up to 99% authenticity, and any dubious reviews are promptly removed to maintain integrity. In addition, we use advanced software to verify reviews' origins, confirming they arise from real experiences. Our independence is our strength; our mission is to display authentic reviews written by actual customers. We value both praise and criticism, as they help steer companies towards excellence. If a negative review is justified, it remains. We frequently facilitate dialogue between dissatisfied customers and companies, promoting resolution and constant improvement.

Company History and Vision

Henk Meyer and Joost de Vries, two Amsterdam natives, in 2018 decided to take a new path and start Reviews International. They aimed to deviate from conventional review sites reliant on corporate subscriptions, often leading to biased portrayals. Their dream was straightforward: to create a space where individuals can freely share their experiences, with companies having zero influence over the feedback.

Our First Steps and Future Vision

We began modestly, focusing on collecting genuine reviews and building trust. By offering a cost-free platform to businesses, it quickly gained popularity. We grew steadily, becoming a well-known name not only in the Netherlands but globally.

As of 2023, we boast over 10 million reviews and collaborate with tens of thousands of companies worldwide. This is just the beginning. Our future plans include expanding into new markets and continuously enhancing our platform.

Our Goal: Real and Unbiased Reviews

We stand for authenticity. Our mission is to deliver genuine, unbiased reviews, ensuring you get an accurate representation before making a purchase. Every review is penned by actual individuals, devoid of robotic interference. We maintain a level playing field for all companies and are committed to fairness. Your trust is paramount, and we are dedicated to maintaining honesty and providing valuable insights. If you encounter any misleading or harmful content, please inform us at once.

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If you have any questions, need assistance, or would like to give us feedback, we would love to hear from you! Contact us through our contact page and one of our team members will get back to you promptly. Your input helps us improve BritainReviews for everyone, so don't hesitate to reach out!


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