We are on a mission!

The internet should be a safe place to place an order. We want to achieve this by making all companies transparent and reliable. That is obviously a big job, but with the help of our five core values ​​we work towards that goal.

  • Our core values
    We believe in a transparent market

    Sales pitches pierce everyone these days because there are simply too many consumers who will then tell you that this is really not true. And that is exactly what we are trying to achieve. A transparent market. Just honest and reliable.

    For ourselves and for anyone who wants to know, we have formulated 5 core values ​​to guarantee that transparency.

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    Together we stand strong and we are responsible for independent objective reviews. Together we go for the best result.

  • 02


    Honest and independent. Together we fight against shady companies and bad online experiences and we reward the honest enterprising companies.

  • 03


    Our mission may take light years, but throughout our journey we will constantly innovate to stay relevant and conquer the world together with our reviewers

  • 04


    Honesty comes first, but also safety and the possibility to complain anonymously, while we fight against troll accounts and fake reviews.

  • 05


    For both consumers and businesses, we believe it is important that we become the platform where writing a review is as useful and easy as it is for businesses.

For and by consumers

Consumers leave their experiences on our platform and thus help other consumers with their choice for a particular company. This ensures transparency and a better market. Together with the core values ​​mentioned above, the consumer experiences are the most important tool to ensure this transparency!

Very useful for companies

Of course you always hope to satisfy your customers with the service provided or the product purchased and you only hope to receive 5-star reviews. The reality is of course different. The competition, especially online in general, is quite strong and differentiating yourself as a company is now more challenging than ever. No wonder consumers are becoming more critical.

We don't just offer companies a widget to show your review score on your website, but also the connection with your customers. Still super handy to get in touch with the writer of the negative review and resolve the dispute? This is how you convert a negative review into positive feedback and even better, a higher score!

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We are part of the ReviewsInternational® platform and are already active in 30 countries. We stand for independent and reliable reviews of companies all over the world. Together we are strong!

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