Why do we think experiences are so important?

Why Choose BritainReviews?
At BritainReviews, we firmly believe that businesses should exhibit transparency in their claims and actions. The most effective way to demonstrate this is by allowing customers with recent experiences to share their honest feedback. We hold that companies must uphold their promises. If a business delivers what it pledges, then it not only deserves to be featured on BritainReviews but also benefits from showcasing its satisfied customers. This approach helps us identify and support robust and deserving companies.

Are the Reviews on BritainReviews Genuine?
Absolutely! We can affirm with 90% certainty that all reviews are authentic. In cases where there is any uncertainty (the remaining 10%), we promptly remove the review from our platform. We recognise that review sites can potentially be misused to unfairly discredit companies. Thus, we utilise advanced software (including IP addresses, email addresses, and confirmations) to determine the origins of each review.

Is BritainReviews an Independent Review Platform?
Indeed, we are entirely independent. After experiencing some negative encounters with certain companies and having no outlet for our grievances, BritainReviews was established. We have no vested interest in casting companies in either a favourable or unfavourable light. Our sole focus is to ensure that both positive and negative comments are fair and deserved, thus ensuring that the right companies are recognised for their efforts.

Do Companies Have an Opportunity to Improve After Receiving Negative Reviews?
Our goal is to identify reliable companies that fulfil their promises. Positive reviews act as a commendation for a business, effectively serving as a powerful endorsement from independent customers. The same principle applies to negative feedback. Our objective is for companies to address and rectify the issues raised. We assess the nature and seriousness of the complaints. If a review is deemed justified, we retain it on our website. We strive, wherever possible, to facilitate communication between the customer and the company involved. This gives the business a chance to resolve the issue, either through addressing the complaint or offering compensation. We follow up with the customer to confirm if the issue has been resolved and whether they agree to amend or remove the complaint.