Step-by-Step Guide on Starting a Healthy Food Delivery Service

Step-by-Step Guide on Starting a Healthy Food Delivery Service
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Healthy eating is a trend that has long conquered the market. But how to open a healthy food delivery in 2022? Let's try to answer this question in a reasoned way, and with those who have already decided to take a risk, we will share the ready-made instructions for launching the enterprise.

The target audience of the healthy food delivery business

The target audience is growing: an increasing number of people care about their own health and longevity. Who might be interested in this?

  • young mothers;
  • people who want to lose weight;
  • professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts;
  • people with gastrointestinal diseases;
  • office workers;
  • vegans, vegetarians.

When making a business plan for a healthy food delivery service, try to focus on one, maximum of three categories of potential customers. Find their main "pain" and, considering it, organize sales.

For example, it is difficult for losing weight office workers to control the calorie content of food and calculate the content of proteins, and carbohydrates, and it is difficult to find time for cooking. Therefore, such people constantly quit dieting. Offer them ready-made boxes for every meal during the day, and a random customer will quickly become a regular customer.

What will be required for implementation

First of all, the creation of a call center and a set of couriers with their own cars. Such a set implies systematic costs every month:

  • rent of premises;
  • salary of employees;
  • connection;
  • payment for gasoline;
  • repair of transport.

You will also need to create your own Internet service for accepting applications. Register your company name, find out the cost for a domain name and you are practically ready to start!

Advertising and promotion of the project

This business is dependent on advertising. Its success is largely due to the success of the advertisingcampaign, especially at the start. It includes:

  • Analysis of the local market. It includes the study of competition, target audience, demand for healthy food, and purchasing power of potential customers.
  • Preparation of a test advertising campaign. Advertising materials are created for individual segments of the target audience. This will allow you to get more of her involvement and, as a result, a greater return on advertising.
  • Preparation and launch of an advertising campaign. For this purpose, the results of preliminary testing are used.

important! Since most of the customers come via the Internet, before launching the advertising, special attention should be paid to the site and its performance. It is important that it is convenient for the customer to make an order. It should also be taken into account that at least half of the audience will visit the site from mobile devices, so the site should be adaptive, and the order form should be as simple and convenient as possible.

Level of competition and risks

Competition is high among food delivery services – it is hard to walk down the street without seeing cyclists with square multicolored backpacks. But in most cases, couriers carry pizza, burgers, or rolls, and the niche of healthy lunches is still available for beginners.

To avoid failure, carefully analyze the sphere in your region and its advantages as a business:

  • individual consultations with specialists;
  • vegan menu;
  • work 24/7;
  • loyalty programs – "trial day";
  • calorie calculator next to the name of the dish;
  • orders for a long period of time;
  • fast courier arrival.

To get around competitors, you can adopt all the listed advantages + offer a new service – for example, the use of only local farm vegetables in the preparation of dishes, sets of products for self-cooking specific dishes, traditional national and at the same time dietary food. Keep in mind the importance of a fast services and a practical food packaging system.

3 tips for those who have decided to start their own healthy food delivery business

On paper, any idea looks attractive. In practice, most businesses close in the first year. So that your project can avoid such a fate:

  • Make a detailed business plan. If you have not been engaged in entrepreneurship before, entrust the task to professionals.
  • Attract partners. Healthy food delivery as a business requires large investments, so investors will help with finances, and co-owners will perform some tasks to speed up the launch.
  • Listen to the audience. Customers themselves will tell you which specific service they are interested in.

Do you want it easier? Buying an existing courier service will allow you to make a profit from the first days.

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