5 places to buy Premier League football tops from

5 places to buy Premier League football tops from
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The Premier League season has just come to an exciting end but that doesn’t mean football stops altogether. Fans and players now turn their attention to preparing for the new season which starts on the weekend of August 6/7. But before that, you have the excitement of pre-season and the opening of the transfer window. We’ve already seen the news that Erling Haaland has signed for Manchester City and plenty of other transfer rumours are being released daily.

The new season will creep up on us very quickly and what does a new season mean? New Premier League kits! Clubs are starting to release their kits ready for consumers to buy in time for the new season. Manchester City won the league so you can expect many tops to sell. Trent Alexander-Arnold Stats for Liverpool were very impressive if you want to get a defender's name on your back. Then there's the new player joining the league which we do not know about. In anticipation of the upcoming Premier League season, below are five of the best places to buy football tops from.

The Football Teams Website

When looking to buy a football top for your chosen team, the first place to look would be their website. Most teams will have a shop on their website that sells all their merchandise which will include their jersey. When looking on your football team's website, you may find the price for the top more expensive but this is because it’s an official top. You may also find that your football team's website has a different selection of tops available like their training kit, home kit, away kit and alternative kit. Most retailers who sell football tops won’t stock everyone in case they don’t sell them. If you are trying to get the top ordered on release, ordering from your team's website may get you it quicker.

Sports Direct

When it comes to purchasing football tops, Sports Direct is a great place to start. They often stock all the latest kits and are able to personalise them with your name or a player's name. Adult sizes are available as well as kid's sizes and you can purchase the shorts and socks to make the full kit. Sports Direct tends to stock the most popular team's 3rd kit if you are interested in it. If you like to see the kit before you purchase it, Sports Direct has many stores dotted around the UK that you can walk into.


Whether you want to order your new kit online or visit one of the Adidas stores, you’ll find Adidas stocks plenty of football tops as they are the main maker for a lot of Premier League teams. Being a very popular retailer, Adidias often receive the tops as soon as they are available allowing you to pre-order yours and collect them as soon as possible. At Adidas, you can purchase adult and kids sizes as well as buy the full kit. Whilst you are shopping, why not check out the latest football boots that Adidas has available. If your team's jersey isn’t made by Adidas, you may find it isn’t available from this retailer.

Kit Bag

When it comes to football, Kit Bag has you covered. Kit Bag is open 365 days a year and offers fast worldwide shipping - ideal when you want your new football top in a rush. They have a large number of kits available, including La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, International Tops, the Rest of the world, and of course the Premier League. Most kit variations are available and they will print the player name on the back of the top for you. They are online only and after placing your order you can track it until it arrives at your door. Buy the shorts and socks for the full kit and make sure you check out their accessories - the new Premier League ball could also be available.

The above are four of many places from which you can buy your Premier League tops. If not purchasing from one of the above, make sure you do your research and confirm that the tops are official replicas and that they are not fakes. Otherwise, when washing your clothes, they may fall apart and not last as long. Before buying from any retailers, look up the reviews of that company to see what other companies have been saying. Often people like to use sites like Tripadvisor to let other customers know of the service they have received as well as social media channels like Facebook or Twitter.

What Premier League Football tops are you most looking forward to seeing? Which team do you support and do you think they have a chance of winning the league? Where do you like to buy your Premier League tops from? Let us know in the comment box below.

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