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    It is the dream of every women to get pregnant the instant they get married or after a specified short period. However, this can sometimes become difficult due to the fact that the body of a woman changes regularly, with effect on her fertility period that is just for about 5 days within a week. The process known as the menstruation cycle must be understood by couples to know the right time to have intercourse and have children. A lot of women do not understand the way their body works especially when it comes to reproduction. Fortunately, there are now technological devices that can easily inform you about changes in your body and your fertile period, thereby taking away the guess. Prominent among such products is the Ava bracelet. Before patronizing them, you should read reviews from those that have used the device so that you can be sure if it would work for you too or not.

    About Ava

    Ava was established in Switzerland in the year 2014 by Pascal Koenig as the CEO, Philipp Tholen as the VP and software engineer, Peter Stein as the VP for research and development and Lea Von Bidder as the VP for marketing. They aim to aid research and advancement in the health technology of women. Ava has offices in places such as San Francisco, Makati, Zurich and Belgrade. Its mission is to improve the reproductive health of women by joining artificial intelligence and clinical research. It also aims to be a life-long companion for women by supplying data and proven scientific insights all through the phases of their reproductive lives. In light of this, Ava bracelet was launched in the United States in July 2016. It is now being sold in over 36 countries all over the world. This bracelet is only worn when asleep. It offers women real-time, personal information about fertility, pregnancy and health in general which is delivered in a very conducive way. Ava can detect 5 physiological signals during the menstrual cycle and can also detect 5 fertile days in real-time. Since Ava’s conception, it has created milestones in history and will continue to do so.

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    Products and services of Ava

    Ava offers great and unlimited services that are most important to a woman’s reproductive health. One of such services is providing education in a way that women would know and see evidence on information concerning pregnancy, fertility and menstrual cycle which is supported by science. They include cycle tracking, fertility tracking and pregnancy tracking using the Ava bracelet. Other services offered by Ava include Getting pregnant (anovulatory cycle that informs you of the symptoms, causes and treatment as to why you don’t ovulate), How to increase your chances of getting pregnant, Fertility calculator that determines how long it would take to get pregnant, Monthly mood tracker, Fertility facts to encourage you on your conception journey etc.

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    You should leave reviews about how effective Ava is in helping women know more about their reproductive health, fertility period as well as getting pregnant.

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    Ava is mainly active in the Online Shop category, more specifically with Cosmetics & Personal Care, Children & Baby.

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