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We are committed to ensuring clarity and transparency when handling your data. This Cookie Policy, part of BritainReviews’ Privacy Policy, elucidates our use of cookies and similar technologies during your interaction with our website. ### What is a Cookie? A cookie is a small text file saved on your computer or device through your browser at the behest of the websites you visit or applications you use. Cookies enable the storage of preferences and settings, assisting us in customising and improving your experience by providing necessary information. Additionally, we use cookies to monitor the performance of new features or tests to evaluate their effectiveness. ### Types of Cookies We Use - **Session Cookies:** These are temporary cookies that get deleted when you close your browser. They help manage your visit without retaining data between sessions. - **Persistent Cookies:** These remain on your device until they expire or are deleted, recognising your returns and enhancing user convenience. ### Additional Technologies We also employ tags, tracking pixels, local storage, scripts, and device identifiers, among others. These technologies work alongside cookies to enhance functionality by storing and managing data from your device. ### Updates and Changes Our use of cookies and this policy may evolve. We will inform you of significant updates either during your next visit or through other communication methods. This streamlined explanation aims to make it easier for you to understand and manage your preferences regarding our utilisation of cookies and related technologies. ## Understanding Cookie Types on BritainReviews ### What are First-Party and Third-Party Cookies? - **First-Party Cookies:** These are created and accessed by the website you visit, enhancing functionality by remembering preferences and settings specific to that site. - **Third-Party Cookies:** Created by domains other than the one you are visiting, these cookies are used for tracking across multiple sites, enhancing third-party service effectiveness. ### Cookies We Use on BritainReviews - **Essential Cookies:** These are vital for basic website operations and cannot be opted out of. They enable functionalities such as login, service delivery based on your settings and location, and help manage your cookie preferences and policy consents. - **Performance Cookies:** These collect data to analyse and improve our website's performance, understanding user interaction, and identifying issues to enhance user experience. Opt-out instructions are available under ‘Cookie Settings’. - **Functionality Cookies:** Aiming to personalise user experience by remembering login details, browser settings, and preferences to tailor content and services effectively. - **Marketing Cookies:** Used to deliver relevant advertisements based on your interests. These are set by third-party advertisers and track across devices to provide targeted ads. Opt-out options are detailed in ‘Cookie Settings’. For more concise control and information on how each type of cookie functions and how you can manage your preferences, refer to the 'Cookie Settings' section on our site. ## How to Manage Your Cookie Preferences on BritainReviews ### Adjusting Cookie Settings - **Non-Essential Cookies:** You can decline non-essential cookies by navigating to 'Cookie Preferences' located in the footer of our website where you can update your preferences. - **Business Account Settings:** If you have a business account on BritainReviews, manage your settings by selecting 'Cookie Preferences' from the dropdown menu under your user icon at the top right-hand corner. ### Browser Settings - **Modifying Browser Configurations:** Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can change this setting to refuse cookies or to be alerted when cookies are being sent. - **Browser-Specific Options:** Tools in browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Edge allow you to view and delete cookies, clear your cache, and modify your future cookie collection preferences. - **Multiple Devices:** Remember to adjust settings on each device you use to browse the internet. ### Impact of Blocking Cookies While you can block many types of cookies without affecting your website experience, restricting all cookies might limit your access to certain functions and content on the site. ### Further Assistance If you have questions about our cookie policy or need more information on the cookies we use, please feel free to reach out to us at