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    is considered as an emblem of femininity. From history, we see that women have gone to great lengths to improve the texture, appearance, colour and fullness of their hair. One of the biological advantages of head hair is to conserve body heat and insulate against cold and the elements, while the colour has been known to serve as camouflage in some cases, and a point of attraction for mates (representing youth, virility and good health). Hair has a lot of cultural significance, with most cultures relating long hair with a strong cultural identity. For instance, the Sikh culture views hair as a symbol of holiness and strength and keeps it uncut to signify acceptance of the simple life and denial of vanity; Christian priests of old used to shave their heads to signify lack of vanity and vows of chastity; while the ancient Chinese, both men and women, had a tradition of not cutting their hair because of the belief that cutting the hair is like cutting off a part of your parents, in line with their belief that our bodies were given to us by our parents. Politically, hair used to be a symbol of status, as it was in Ancient Egypt when Pharaoh wore wigs and his sons wore their hair in buns on the right side to denote their status. Hair is so important that after the Battle of France in 1940, French women who had relationships with German soldiers had their hair shaved off as punishment. Having established the significance of hair across different cultures, it is imperative to know that most of these cultural beliefs have lost a lot of their hold among the majority of the world’s population. Nevertheless, the underlying belief in the importance of hair to beauty has remained steadfast, which can be seen in the ever-growing global hair industry. Like all things fashion, hair care has evolved through the use of various products to aid straightening, colouring and managing long hair. T3 is a company that claims to be evolving right along with hair fashion to deliver products that would protect and style your hair. Read independent reviews of T3 here before considering investing in any of their products and services.

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    About T3

    T3 started as a part tech start-up, part beauty venture when they pioneered the tourmaline-powered hairdryer in 2003. The California based company has evolved to manufacture products that they claim protect the health of the hair without sacrificing style.

    Products and Services of T3

    T3’s products include dryers, curling irons, styling irons, and styling tools. The company offers the convertible collection, a product with one base and seven barrels to achieve different types of hair weaves. Clients can also obtain their showerheads, handheld showers and replacement filters from T3 online store.

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    T3 is mainly active in the Online Shop category, more specifically with Cosmetics & Personal Care, Fashion.

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