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    Dogs have been called man’s most loyal friends- more loyal than human beings in some cases. Man has always interacted with animals from time immemorial; animals have been used for transportation, herding sheep, carrying loads and other such duties. Since dogs became domesticated, they have served man in different capacities; as work dogs, guides to the physically challenged, security, bomb and drug sniffers, and even baby sitter in some instances. However, the dog is one of the few animals that transcends the master-slave relationship that humans often have with animals. Having pets is particularly important for mental health as it provides companionship that is a major need of the human psyche. And it is quite common for a dog, among other pets, to become a part of the family. They understand human emotions, are trainable and would protect their human family with their lives if need be. Like humans, dogs also have health issues like allergies and sensitive stomach/ skin among others. They, therefore, require special care and attention, especially as regards the impact of their diets on their health. All pet owners desire their pets to be healthy and live in the best possible comfort, which is why regular visits to the doctor, timely shots and vaccinations, frequent exercises and play/bonding periods are essential. But also like humans, most of their health challenges can be addressed or managed through their diets. For this reason, when Tails rolled out their line of services for healthy nutrition for these companions, we figured we could also bring it to your attention. We can’t say they’ve got you covered for sure, you should read independent reviews left for Tails by existing clients.

    About Tails
    Tails is a British company that was established in 2013 to produce dog food tailored to the individual preferences and needs of each dog, as against a one-size-fits-all that was the norm. The company started with a team of veterinary doctors, nutritionists and engineers, all dog-lovers (obviously) who developed ways to produce foods for each dog based on the information provided by the owner.

    Products and Services of Tail
    The company produces tailor-made dry food, puppy food, wet food and dog treats. They also offer products for sensitive stomachs, senior dog food, hypoallergenic, hand-baked biscuits and dental dailies (their dog chews for dental health). For their service arm, the company provides dog healthcare services such as joint care, dental hygiene, weight management, sensitive skin management, pancreatitis and management of allergies with grain-free products. The company also published the Happy Dog Cookbook by Sean McCormack and Annabel Karmel, which has 24 recipes which individuals can use to develop meals for their dogs within the confines of their kitchen.

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