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    Your ancestors are important. Without them, you wouldn’t be here. Most people know who their parents and grandparents are, and some people can trace their family tree even further back. Other people might need some help finding out who their great-grandparents and other ancestors are, and that’s what MyHeritage offers. But will they really able to use your DNA and go back several generations? How will they use your DNA to make this work? Will they be able to connect you to family members you never knew about? And what will the customer service of MyHeritage do to help you when you can’t seem to find any relatives? Only customers who already tried to discover their ancestry via MyHeritage can elaborate on their experience. Read their reviews to find out what they think of this website for finding lost relatives. Their comments, opinions and ratings can show you how MyHeritage works.

    About MyHeritage

    MyHeritage was founded in 2003 by family history expert Gilad Japhet. The former garage company has expanded to a worldwide service company with over 101 million users, 3,3 billion profiles and 4,4 billion family trees. Your MyHeritage DNA includes an estimated ethnicity: a division into percentages which shows your ancestors according to 42 ethnical groups. This estimation is possible because MyHeritage has identified ancestor-populations. DNA kits were sent to people all over the world and they were selected as genetic representative of their geographic region on the basis of their background. That way, MyHeritage has access to a whole lot of ethnical groups. Not only will you find out what your ethnicity is. You will also find out what the life of your ancestors was like. Search for birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificate, civil registers and other genealogical sources in order to find out who your ancestors were and where they might have come from.

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    Services of MyHeritage

    So, are you curious and would you like to know more about yourself and your family history? Then, MyHeritage can do a DNA test for you. Once the DNA test is complete, they will provide you with a family tree for free. There are also some subscriptions available. There are subscriptions for one year and family trees up to 2500 family members. But you can also choose a PremiumPlus family tree for unlimited family trees. You can access MyHeritage via your computer or via an app that can be installed on your tablet or smartphone. The people behind MyHeritage have a blog and you can find them on Facebook and Twitter.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for MyHeritage

    Do you any questions or complaints about MyHeritage? Their customer service department is there for you 24/7. You can either give them a call or send them a message.

    Your Own MyHeritage Experience

    We would like to hear from people who already made a family tree via MyHeritage. Would you be willing to tell us more about the results? Even have you have no personal experience with MyHeritage, this is the right place for you. Read reviews and decide for yourself if MyHeritage is your kind of ancestry website.

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    Its amazing and its wonderful

    First thing first , i never ever thought that i am going to be so happy with myheritage. I am not that kind of believer but i overall loved my experience. Umm, you can try too but be sure what you are looking for.

    By: Davina Fynn18-03-2019
    Would buy here again

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