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Have you ever been to Disney World before? Do you know about the attractions and activities that can be done once you reach there? Do you know how kids and adults enjoy their stay irrespective of their age and preferences? Let's discuss more about the place, its attractions and the additional fun that is offered by one of the world's leading entertainment hub.

History and Brief

Walt Disney is undeniably one of the most popular names in the entertainment industry. The company is known for its Cartoons, Movies, Resorts and Amusement parks and is loved by people of all ages alike. The Walt Disney company has been in operation since 1930s but the amusement group subsidiary was founded in the early 1970s only. Disneyland was initially setup in California but soon had its branches in cities like Paris, Tokyo and others. The main attraction of the site is its resorts, cartoons and games that can be played and enjoyed by one and all.

Entertainment and facilities

Disney World is considered to be a place where one can enjoy an amalgamation of food, entertainment, games and more. The park is so beautifully constructed that you can find all kinds of modern amenities and services in an organised manner. Luxurious rooms, medical facilities, shopping stores, games, entertainment, almost all kind of necessary and fun activities can be carried out at the place. Every year thousands of visitors throng this park with families, friends and kids. The place has several games and rides specially for the kids and it ensures that all kids are always under parental guidance during their stay. Examples of these rides are Pirates of the Caribbean, It's a Small World, Peter Pan's Ride, Alice's Maze and The Haunted Mansion and they are situated in themes like Adventure Land, Frontier Land and Main Street.

Pirates of the Caribbean, one of the most popular and well-known rides at Disney World

Reservations and Passes

Booking reservations and getting tickets for theme and water parks is easy and can be done in a hassle-free way. The Disney group's website has all the necessary information along with the complete details of all the attractions and activities of the centre. The park also avails passes, discounts and vouchers from time to time to attract more customers and give additional benefits to its customers.

Customer Service and Help

The park has a detailed layout in the form of a map to help visitors explore the place in the right manner. Kids and disabled guests are taken care of with special attention at the centre and there are a lot of additional assistance available for the same as well. You can contact their team for bookings and reservations through their helpline numbers. There are different numbers for different purposes to help you resolve your query in an easy and fast manner. They also have special numbers for disability assistance and for sharing one's experience as well. A list of FAQs is also available on the website where answers for most common questions can be easily found and studied.

User experience

With thousands of visitors going to Disney parks and resorts, their popularity only keeps increasing from time to time. They are a renowned group and are extremely friendly towards their guests and visitors. If you have previously been on a trip to the Disneyland then please come forward and share your reviews about the same.

What can you expect from Disneyland? Read reviews about this theme park with rides like Pirates of the Caribbean, It's a Small World and Alice's Maze

Disney World
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My dream place

I always wanted to visit Disney world and. It was my dream! So finally get the chance and I'm feeling so lucky
Disney world is like magic land ! Everything about this place is wonderful and beautiful. Also,there are thousands of things to see, I bet you will lost yourself if u visit here for once.
I was too lost and memorize with the beauty and charm this place hold. Must recommended to visit

By: Mikkey 22-10-2017
Would buy here again

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