How to celebrate Happy New Year as a religious person

How to celebrate Happy New Year as a religious person

Christianity has always been the major religion in the USA. The fact that the New Year celebration is also very close to the Christmas celebration, with just a week between them, makes the New Year have some level of Christian connotation about it. Most Christians just see the New Year as a continuation of the Christmas celebration as well as an opportunity to praise God for bringing them to the close of another year and the start of a new year.  Read on to find more about the New Year’s Eve ad day in this article. This article will discuss what a religious happy new year, examples of happy New Year religious wishes, how religious happy new year greetings are carried out as well as some happy new year religious quotes.

What is a religious happy New Year?

A religious happy New year can be defined as religiously entering the New year as well as wishing people a happy New year in a religious way. The major way most Christians across the world enter into the New Year is by attending a service that starts a few hours before the New Year and ends between a few minutes to few hours (mostly 2 hours or less) after the New Year. This allows the Christians to spend their first moments in the New Year in the church, implying that they spent entered the New Year in the presence of God. Since Christians believe in God as the protector, provider, and the one who gives and take, they use the opportunity to pray to God and ask for whatever they want for the New Year, while they reject the things that they do not want.

What are examples of happy New Year religious wishes?

There are many ways that Happy New Year's religious wishes can be coined. At the end of the day, the bottom line is that the religious wishes often entails committing the recipient of the wishes into the hands of God through prayers that the year will be favorable for them. Wishes will include several attributes that everyone would wish for such as love, peace, joy, comfort, protection, favor, and blessings of God among others are upon the recipient at that moment, throughout the year that is just starting, and throughout their lifetime.

How are religious happy New Year greetings carried out?

There are many ways that religious Happy New Year greetings are carried out. One of the major ways religious Happy New Year greetings are carried out is in the church. Since most people, their family, and church members (with whom they are mostly friends or acquaintances) cross over in the church, immediately after midnight, the members of the church are often allowed to go around and greet as many people as possible a Happy New Year. In some cases, members could be paired and asked to pray for each other that the year will be a great one. They might be asked to hold hands while the prayers are being done. Hence, apart from simply saying Happy New Year, religious Happy New Year greetings could also be carried out by praying for someone else.

Other ways religious Happy New Year greetings can be carried out include through text messages, email messages, social media platforms, and WhatsApp among others. Greeting cards conveying Happy New Year greetings and wishes can also be bought and sent to loved ones and acquaintances.

What are some happy New Year religious quotes?

There are many happy New Year religious quotes that can either give a person hope or that can be sent to others as a way of wishing them Happy New Year. One of such Bible verses is Psalm 96:1-3 that talks about the New Year’s dawn as well as the hope that comes with the New Year. It also emphasizes the heart of gratitude and being thankful for the things that have passed. It also talks about the need to focus on the right things during the new year and a wish that everyone has a year that will be filled with happiness, love, and joy.


One of the groups of people that enjoy the New Year celebrations the most are religious people, especially Christians. They celebrate the New Year in the spirit of Christmas and hence, use the opportunity to further thank God for helping them round up a year while praying that the New Year will be favorable. They also wish to use religious Happy New quotes to send their Happy New Year wishes to others.

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