How to celebrate the New Year’s Eve Traditions in the USA

How to celebrate the New Year’s Eve Traditions in the USA

The USA, like many other countries of the world, has its traditions. The fact that the country is majorly a collection of people from different parts of the world has not denied the country the opportunity to have its own traditions. Even the traditions were influenced by different cultures, over time, the country has been able to have the traditions that are associated with it. One of such traditions is the celebration of the New Eve. Read on to find more about New Year’s Eve and day in this article. This article will discuss what New Year’s Eve is as well as what the New Year’s Eve Traditions in the USA looks like.

What is the New Year’s Eve?

In the earlier Julian calendar that was used by the British until 1752 as well as the Gregorian calendar that is currently the most widely used calendar in the world today, New Year’s Eve is the 31st December of every year. It is until the 1900s before the celebration of New Year’s Eve started to be celebrated in the USA. It was also around the same period that the organization of special events to celebrate the New Year on the 1st of January also started.

How to celebrate New Year’s Eve Traditions in the USA

There are some New Year’s Eve Traditions in the USA that you can take advantage of to celebrate the New Year. They are discussed subsequently.

Home parties

One of the best ways to celebrate New Year Eve in the USA and which is a major part of the tradition and culture in the country is by hosting a home party or attending one. New Year’s Eve provides the opportunity for people to invite family members and friends to a dinner party in their home. Hence, if you have been invited to a home party, you could invite. On the other hand, you could also host a home party and invite others. You can boost the relevance of the party in line with the New Year’s Eve traditions USA by cooking a traditional US meal for the home party you are organizing. If you don’t know what food type to cook or how to cook it, you can read about how to cook traditional US food to see a list of options as well as how to cook them. You will also need to order beer, wine, and other types of drinks for your guests to use to wash down their meals.

Attend public events and special celebrations

In the USA, there are many public events and special celebrations that are held across the USA to keep up with the New Year’s Eve Traditions. You can plan to attend one of such public events and special celebrations to celebrate your New Year Eve.

One of such celebrations that you can event is the Times Square ball drop that takes place in the Manhattan part of New York City. Electric and crystal lights are featured in the ball. The lights are placed at the top of a pole with a height of 23 meters or 77 feet. 60 seconds before midnight, the ball is slowly lowered until it settles at the pole’s bottom by midnight. Several television stations across the USA usually broadcast the event. Apart from the World War II period, the ball has held yearly. On your way to and/or from the event, you can also use the opportunity for out eating as you might be too tired or excited to cook when you get back home.

Many cities and towns in the USA also hold their versions of the ball drop, where they customize the object to be lowered. For example, some cities and towns lower modeled or live wild and domestic animals, while others lower ping pong balls, an acorn built from brass with a weight of 900 pounds, giant peach replica, industrial machinery, automobiles, vegetables, and fruits.


The New Year’s Eve tradition in the USA is such that it encourages the celebration of the New Year with others. Hence, when people are not hosting or attending home parties, they opt for public events where they can celebrate New Year’s Eve with other Americans and people who have come from across the world to experience the celebration of the New Year’s eve in line with the USA traditions.

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