Is it Happy New Year or Happy New Year’s?

Is it Happy New Year or Happy New Year’s?

One of the major activities we do during festivities and events is to congratulate the people who are involved. The same applies during celebrations such as Christmas and New Year. We wish people Happy Christmas and Happy New Year. All of these events have traditions that come with them that we are expected to participate in to make the celebration a great one for everybody. It is a part of these customs and traditions that require us to greet other people during a celebration. Different celebrations will afford different groups of people with different greetings. This is why during the New Year, we greet anyone we come across Happy New Year. However, chances are that you might have come across instances where people use Happy New Year, Happy New Year’s, and Happy New Years. You might be wondering what is right, what is wrong, when what is right and when what is wrong. You should read on to find more about New Year’s Eve and day in this article.

When is it Happy New Year?

Happy New Year is the right thing to say when you are greeting a person or group of people with regards to the New Year. The most common greeting people use for the new year is simply Happy New Year, not Happy New Year’s or Happy New Years. The Happy New Year is correct because we are only considering a specific year, not several years at the same time. The Happy New Year greeting is one that permits us to greet a person regarding just a particular year and not a combination of several years. The same applies to when using the phrase New Year. While we can have new alongside the plural form of many items like new books, new cars, new houses, you do not have the luxury of using plural for a year after new, because when you are using new together with year, you can only have a singular year and not plural. This is why Happy New Year is the ideal thing whether you are greeting the individually orally or you are greeting them in writing either through messages or greeting cards among others.

When is it Happy New Year’s?

There are only very few instances where you can use the term Happy New Year’s and it is when you are using it with another relevant word at the end such as Happy New Year’s Day, Happy New Year’s Eve, and Happy New Year’s celebration. However, you should not greet an individual with Happy New Year’s. This will make the phrase to be hanging, which will not be a good idea grammatically. When the happy is removed from New year’s, it then makes the usage even more applicable in many other aspects. Examples are this is my New Year’s clothes or this is your New Year’s gift among others. Hence, in this case, it is used to describe what the cloth or gift was for. Hence, these are majorly the instances where new year’s can be used. Only when the new year’s is being used to describe a noun that it is used as new year’s implying that there must be another word it is describing immediately following it. You can say new year’s or Happy new year’s and then stop there.

When is it Happy New Years?

The term Happy New years, when used as a greeting, is not correct because you are only wishing the person in line with the singular year that just started. You can’t be wishing a person Happy New Year for this new year and the previous one or this new year and the next one. You only wish them for the present and hope that both of you will be around to wish yourselves when the next year will start in another 365 days or thereabout. Hence, you should only greet people Happy New Year or Happy New Year’s Eve. Apart from those, new year’s, new years, and new years’ can only be used in other instances where new years in the past or new years in the future are being referred to.


When it comes to wishing people a Happy New Year or a Happy New Year’s Eve, the new year can only be used in a singular form. The use of Happy New Years, while possible in other instances, will not work out as a greeting or wish.

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